Sunday, 5 June 2011

Best pizzas ever

We had a Saturday night pizza-making session - very tasty indeed :-)

Pre oven

Post oven

And we scoffed the lot while watching Dr Who. Happiness.

I forgot to mention last time - our Ben Nevis climb had to be rescheduled (due to a forecast of gales and blizzards!!!!) so we now plan to do it next Saturday (11th June). Will let you know how we get on.

The insomnia continued into the earlier part of last week, so its all a bit of a blur. A got on with bits and pieces, and all the usual clubs/classes, I was in the background trying not to fall asleep! I'm feeling a bit better about things now, but job hunting has to become a priority I think.

With the prospect of employment, and less time around for A, I'm trying to prepare her and encourage her to do more self-directed work. I've just signed her up for a K3 science course, I'm thinking it will give her a taste of science as an academic discipline (we've done quite a lot of 'sciencey' stuff, but nothing structured) so she can see how she gets on and decide whether she wants to take it further. So with that, and her essay-writing course, and the new maths website we're signing up to, as well as all the unstructured stuff she's doing, I feel we have quite a lot covered! And - most importantly - she seems to be quite up for it all.

I got out running a couple of times this week. A bit disappointing this morning - I thought I could increase my running time a bit, but soon discovered this was not going to happen (really thought I was going to collapse in a sweaty heap). After a few minutes walking I went back to 1min run/1min walk, which was fine, seems to be my level at the moment. Really hate this newbie stage, although of course its necessary to achieve anything. I feel the same in the body pump class, because as much as I love it, I have the tiniest weights while everyone else has got big heavy weights. And I still struggle with some of the exercises. The instructor keeps saying to us "if its getting too much just take some of your weights off", but if I did that I'd just be lifting the pole! I suppose I have to swallow my pride and focus on a future where I am running marathons (or my more realistic short term goal of getting round my 2 mile loop without stopping).

We're off for a hike tomorrow, along the beach, not sure if A's legs know what they're in for next Saturday ;-)


Skye-Blu said...

You are good with your running and body pump K. I wish I had your motivation. Although having said that, we have walked all day every day this past week while we were on holiday so I guess I'm not doing badly. Just need to make sure I keep it up now we're home! x

Anonymous said...

Don't worry! Keep at it and you'll get more stamina. You're better than me at running - I doubt I could do the 1min run/1min walk for very long at all! :)

I hope A enjoys the science course!

K said...

Thanks for the encouragement you two :-) Its a struggle at times, but I am feeling the benefit of more exercise, just wish I could progress a bit faster!


The Knickernator said...

But then you'll get shin splints! Take it slow and steady, you can't chase zombies with velcro supports on so don't feel bad about letting your body adapt, won't be long now ;) xxx

K said...

Thanks 'knickernator'!
The shins seem more or less ok now, just the odd grumble here and there. I know I have to be sensible, but I'm not very good at that ;-)