Monday, 6 June 2011

Beach Hike

Prepare yourself for some beauuuuutiful pictures :-)

We set off this morning and did a few miles westwards along the beach. Had a really good laugh along the way, discussions ranging from designing our ideal house, surviving a zombie attack, general self defence, strategies for our Ben Nevis climb, how weird our accents are (apparently when I say 'house' it sounds like 'arse', which caused a great deal of hilarity, and although A was born and has always lived in Scotland she has no trace of a Scottish accent). We also played various word games, and generally monkeyed about.

Blue skies when we set off

Sky getting greyer

View across the Moray Firth


Tree corpse

Dramatic sky on the way back

We stopped at a little cafe by the harbour for lunch, where I had the most delicious lentil soup.

Later on we had writing group at our house, I always get really nervous about leading the group, but all went well (I think!) And this evening A cooked tea for us (veggie sausage sandwiches and salad - pretty good) and (after a small amount of prompting) she has done the washing up! What a star :-)


Skye-Blu said...

Fab pictures! You'll have to tell me how you managed to have A so well trained! Getting my two to even tidy away their own toys is a challenge in itself, never mind household tasks too!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my family! We can jabber on about anything and everything. :) We were once talking and joked about how weirded out people would be if we recorded our conversation and blogged about it. xD Everything from bear attacks to blogging, in one long conversation! LOL

K said...

We have some weird and wonderful conversations on our travels, I like to think I'm encouraging imaginative thought, but maybe I'm just a big kid!!

As for having A well trained - I don't! Or I didn't - she seems to be going through a (really lovely) phase of being all mature and helpful to her old Mum, I also think she may be after some pocket money ;-)


Anonymous said...

Imaginative thinking is good... of course, so is being a big kid! It's fun to have fun. :) (Did you expect me to add "but you've got to know how"? :) I nearly did... but it didn't really fit with the subject. LOL)


affectionforfitness said...

Thanks for following me! I home school my youngest child.

:-) Marion

K said...

Hi Marion,

your blog is helping to spur me on with all the fitness training/running I'm attempting - so thankyou!


Essay Papers said...

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affectionforfitness said...

Hi K! Thanks for the comment on my blog. You sound like such a good parent. I love the pictures! It makes me want to visit the ocean.

We live in Milwaukee on the shore of Lake Michigan, which seems like a little ocean because there are seagulls and big waves and beaches. I haven't been down by the lake for a while now, but I'm hearing fireworks from some sort of summer festival at the lake as I am writing this comment.

I'll be back soon!

:-) Marion