Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Disastrous Day

Not going to write much as I'm fed up - firstly with all the boxes, secondly that our lovely day out to escape from all the boxes turned into a disaster.

Today was supposed to be spent at Satrosphere in Aberdeen, at a science workshop with the home ed group. Unfortunately, I managed to print off a map of where Satrosphere used to be, before it moved. So we got the train all the way through to Aberdeen, and turned up at a building site, nowhere near where we should have been. I don't know Aberdeen at all, and neither of us wanted to search for the place then have to walk in very late, missing most of the event, so we wandered around the city for a while feeling grumpy. Then came home.
Lesson learnt today - NEVER trust the maps on this site!!

Actually, it wasn't all bad. We met a lovely friend I hadn't seen for ages on the train on the way there, so caught up with her a bit. We also got some chocolate in Thorntons, and a bath bomb each in LUSH. And we discussed many subjects while wandering around (in between moaning and whining). And the train journey was nice. Still a bit fed up though.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Springtime sunshine

We have had a lovely couple of days. Spent all yesterday afternoon out in the garden enjoying the sunshine, playing badminton, football, and bouncing on the trampoline. Then in the evening we went to our final Astronomy class, and found out the Highlands_Astronomical_Society are having a week-long festival, where the local observatory at Culloden is open to the public every evening. Will definately be making a trip up there.

This morning we spent some more time in the garden, although I was feeling a bit stiff after yesterdays exertion! Then the very lovely man turned up to have a look round and try to decide what size of trailer he would need to borrow to move my stuff. He didn't stay long though :0(
My friend and her two girls came to join us for lunch, then we lazed around in the garden all afternoon while the children bounced. Perfect.

Some great home ed moments the other day - A decided she wanted to do a 'presentation', so she did some research, designed a leaflet for her audience (me), and gave a ten minute presentation on 'casual fashions'. I know I'm biased, but she was very good. She enjoyed this so much that she decided to do another, then another, then another, then we had to stop for lunch. So I learnt all about 'standing out' (another fashion one); 'make up'; and 'hair care'. It's moments like this when I can see that home ed is really working for her, she gets so enthusiastic and her intelligence and individuality just shines.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Science, and a nice man

We had a brilliant time at the science_festival at Moray College on Tuesday, with the home ed group. Had four sessions covering aspects of biology, chemistry, physics and natural sciences. It was all quite fast paced - going from one session to the next, but very interesting and enjoyable, and seemed to keep all the children engaged (ages ranged from about 6 to about 14).

Preparations for the move are going well, although I do need to get hold of more boxes. I have had an offer of help with the actual move from a very lovely man, who is going to organise a trailer and do the driving and help with the lifting of large items, ie all the things I was feeling a bit panicky about!

We have our final Astronomy class next week, something we have both loved, and learnt a lot from. I was gutted to hear that the Adult Education budget has been cut and a lot of the staff have been given redundancy notice. Its a real shame, as there were some great classes coming up and the staff were so enthusiastic and helpful :-(

Not much else to write about just now, there's loads going on, but cant get my head together at the moment as its all so hectic. One thing I have decided is that I am going to be more organised once we've moved - generally, but specifically with home ed stuff. I know we're doing lots and A is learning, but I never quite feel that I've got a handle on it all, and I think it would be helpful for both of us to be more organised and do a bit more planning. We'd never be totally structured, we just dont work like that, but I don't feel quite comfortable with it being totally autonomous either. Maybe thats my failing, but I have to go with my instinct and that is telling me we need a little more method in our madness.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Its all happening!!

Am very excited/stressed at the moment, as we have found a lovely house to move to. Excited because its going to be great to move into a cosy, modern, well insulated home which is much more central to the town (actually in a little road just off the high street); stressed because there is so much to get organised. But I am mostly excited :0)

A is really looking forward to the move, she loved the place the moment we walked into it, and I must admit, after looking at a few places this one just had a nice 'feel' to it. Nothing logical, and its not perfect, but an inexplicable 'homely' feeling is the only way I can describe it.

We have been doing some work, a lot of astronomy going on at the moment as we are both enjoying the evening class, but as for blogging - my mind has been taken over by 'the move' just now, and I think I will preoccupied with that for the next few weeks (I'm giving my months notice to my current landlord today). I'll try to blog a few bits here and there, but may be a bit quiet!