Sunday, 19 June 2011

Guess What?

A wants to go to school.

She came to this decision one week ago, and I am still getting my head around it.

It all came out of the news that one of her HE friends is going into S1 after the summer. This made me think about the fact that this is the last chance for A to go in to secondary school as a first year, so we discussed this. As we talked it became clear that she was quite excited about the idea, and she immediately said she wanted to go back to school 'at some point'. I had to say that if that was the case then now was probably the time to do it, as going in with a new intake (rather than being the new kid going in to an established group) would be easier.

It amazes me how quickly she became enthusiastic about going to school, she's been on facebook talking to friends who are at school, and one girl in particular has been very supportive, she's a few years older so wont be in her year but will walk in with her and keep an eye out for her.

So, its been a bit of a mad week! I've enrolled her and she has two induction days (with all the P7s) next week. Its all happened so quickly that I don't feel I've had time to catch my breath. Our lives are going to change so drastically, it is slightly scary, but I have a real sense of this being 'right'. Even though there are lots of things about school I have difficulty with, and I have loved our 3 years of HE, no one way is perfect. I can completely see why she wants to go to school - I have always worried about the social side of things, and I think this is the main issue for A. She has lots of friends, and she's very sociable, but she has a real need to spend more time with her peers.

She is very nervous, but I can see the excitement too, and its really important that this is her decision, its something she has to do. She's most worried about maths, and they get streamed immediately for maths, so she may have to do some kind of assessment, which she wont be happy about, but its one of the things she'll have to get used to I suppose.

I'm aware that A going to school will make this blog kind of redundant :-( but I think I'll leave it up, even just for myself as a record of what we did.

Other news - I have a job interview! Its just for a part time supermarket job, but would bring in a regular income, which would be very useful! I plan to carry on writing as well, seeing as I'll apparently have lots of time on my hands by the middle of August.


Skye-Blu said...

What a huge change...but sounds like a very exciting one! Hope all works out well with the job and with school. I will miss reading your blog so much as it has been a real inspiration for me. x x x x x

affectionforfitness said...

Hi K! We had 2 daughters go all the way through public school and both are in college, 1 daughter who currently is going through public school, and we home-school our son. So, obviously, we see the value of both.

It's a big change, with pros and cons. It will probably be very fun and quite annoying to your daughter at the very same time!

:-) Marion

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a change! I really hope A enjoys school. It's weird to read that she wants to go, though, because I've been homeschooled and I really don't have any desire to go to school... obviously not all homeschoolers feel the same, I just know that's how I feel. It's interesting to hear that A would like to try it out!

So, does this mean the end of your blog...? :/ Aw... that must be bittersweet. Maybe if you don't want to blog on this home education one but enjoy blogging you could make a new blog to just talk about what's going on in your life.

SallyGG said...

Hi. A friend of mine who follows your blog pointed me in your direction this morning and it seems like we are living parallel lives. My son who is 11 has asked to go to school. He has always been HE but we also see the first year at high school as the best one to go into as a first timer. He wants more friends locally (his best mate went to school last month and most of the few others have either grown apart or live too far away for the daily contact he wants) He is also excited and a little apprehensive at the same time. Most of the HE community think I am crazy for 'allowing' him to make this choice, which has surprised me so much. Seems being child-centred is conditional on child always choosing what the parent wants. ho hum.
On another similar note....I have also started running and can run for a full 90 seconds before feeling like I might die! But I am enjoying making the effort for me and if I dont I fear I may burst at the seams ;-) Have you got an iphone or smartphone? I am using a great app called "Couch to 5k" and it tells you when to run and when to walk and also ups the programme week by week. In fact today I am supposed to run for 3 mins and walk for 3 ......eek!
Anyway....I might start a blog myself soon (when I understand it all better) to help document this mad new phase. Please keep your blog going. I for one would find your experiences over the coming months invaluable. x

K said...

Thanks all :-)

Big day tomorrow - her first induction day! Apparently they get put into their form groups and go through the lessons they will have in August. She seems surprisingly calm now, which is good.

Not sure what to do about blogging, its become such a part of my life (although I do leave rather long gaps sometimes!). I'll maybe just take the blog in another direction, we'll see...

Hi Sally great to hear from you :-)
Thats a shame about the response you've had from the HE community, I haven't had any negative comments but then I've not talked to many people about it yet!
Well done on the running - the app sounds cool but I don't have an iphone/smartphone. I'm hoping that joining the local running group will keep me on track!
Let me know when you start your blog - send me a link here so I can have a look :-)

Hannah said...

Wow - big news!
I really hope it works out the way you both would like it to.
The opportunity to be a new kid at the same time as all the others is certainly something we considered.

And ((hugs)) because once the ball starts rolling it seems to happen in a whirlwind, doesn't it? x

K said...

Thanks Hannah :-)
Whirlwind is right - this week has been mad! In a positive way though. All seems to be going well, so we'll just have to see how it goes in August.