Sunday, 26 June 2011

Glad that week's over

Not that anything went badly, just quite stressful.

A had her induction days on Tuesday and Wednesday, with a disco (and parents meeting) on the Tuesday night. She was really nervous, but there were quite a few friendly faces around - kids she knows who are already in the school. I think the size of the place, and amount of people, was a bit intimidating for her, but she seems to have enjoyed the lessons she had - apart from maths, why am I not surprised?? She particularly liked science, it sounds like the science teacher is going to be a favourite.
She had a great time at the disco, and appears to have made quite a few new friends amongst her soon-to-be classmates :-)
So now we just need to buy her uniform - sorry, I mean 'dress code', they don't call it uniform. And a school bag. And probably lots of things to put in the school bag!

I still feel like things are moving far too quickly, but I have the summer to try and adjust to it all. Its a weird state of mind I'm in, I'm not upset or sad about it, A's clarity about going to school makes me feel that this is what is meant to be. I think I feel a bit lost in it - life is taking its own course without consulting me. On one hand I'm pretty confident that things will work out well for A, but on the other - we've been HEing for 3 years now, and suddenly I've got to put all that aside.

Hopefully I'll get the job I went for and that will keep me busy! I had the interview on Wednesday, and although I knew it wasn't going to be an intimidating 'panel' job (I was told there would be a maths test, DVD test, then a one-to-one 'chat') I couldn't help getting horrendously nervous about it. Anyway, it all went very well, and I should hear at the beginning of the week whether I've got a position or not.

On Thursday night there was the performance of A's drama group, where she played the part of a high school emo. It was a fantastic show, the kids all worked really hard - co-writing and developing the play. They all did really well and have obviously formed a strong little team, there were surprise outstanding performances from some, and the play gave me a much-needed good laugh :D

I've been keeping up with my fitness training - have discovered that I was running too fast!! I was trying to work out why I can run for 15 mins on the treadmill no problem, but struggle after about 1 min outside!? Even allowing for the environmental differences (wind, temperature, bumpy path) thats quite a discrepancy. I suppose its obvious really, but its taken me this long to realise the other difference is pace - of course on the treadmill its totally regulated. When I'm out running I always feel like I'm running really slowly, but its difficult to judge, and by consciously slowing my pace just a little everything becomes so much easier.
The other change I've made is going out later in the morning. I used get up early and get out by about 7am. Now, I'm not particularly a 'morning person', so this was a great struggle, but I did it because nobody is around at that time to see me all red and sweaty and out of breath. But it did bother me a bit that I was going out before breakfast, and I'm not sure that was good for me - pushing myself energetically with no fuel in me. So I decided - to hell with the vanity - I'll get up and have breakfast by about 8, and get out running by about 9.30. That way at least I wont frighten small children as they'll be in school by then!
The result - running feels much more pleasant :-)
I'm going to the running group on Thursday for the first time, will let you know how it goes.


affectionforfitness said...

Hi K! Mother's lives change all the time, don't they! Every year is different, but your daughter will still need you just as much when going to school.

Trust me, she'll get school projects that you'll still be helping her with. As an example, I've been involved with science fair projects for 4 kids for many years in a row! I remember getting jewelry wire and beads so that a daughter could make a DNA strand. Another daughter made a cell out of a styrofoam ball, beads, and wire. Murals, Egyptian mummies, log cabins, teepees, travel brochures, you name it. You'll still have plenty of teaching and guiding to do. Plus, the social aspect of school.

You're doing good analysis for your running. You're figuring out what works best for you. Smart.

:-) Marion

K said...

Hi Marion,
I like the sound of those science projects - very creative :-)

I suppose I don't deal with change very well, and these are such big changes going on for us just now! Still, its good to push ourselves a bit and have some new experiences, I'm staying positive :-)


affectionforfitness said...

Hi K! I don't deal with change well either. You wouldn't believe what a mess I am during the week before a science fair project is due! Figuring out the actual experiment is the worst part. (We did different types of levees out of clay this year to see which style held water longer.) But somehow they turn out great despite my anxiety.

That will happen for you too. Good luck with getting your job.

:-) Marion

Liz said...

I find your blog very interesting as I can't imagine where I would begin with home schooling! It seems as though you are coping very well with your daughter's decision to go to school, which must have been difficult to hear.

Good luck with the running group. The best advice for any new runner is always 'go slower'! It's amazing how much further you can run!

K said...

Hi Liz, thanks for commenting :-)
So true about going slower - cant believe it took me so long to work this out!! Running group tonight, I'm slightly nervous now!

dawny said...

wyou all energetic and running and A going to school. Not sure if you read but we're doing the same. L decided to go to school for year 11 to take her exams and then N decided she wants to go because she doesn't want to HE without Lana and she wants to 'give it a go', she had her induction day yesterday and at the moment is on fire with it :)
I think facilitating their wishes and letting them decide is a good way to go. Good luck with it and I hope A enjoys it as much as L has :-)

K said...

Hi Dawniy :-)
I saw on your blog that your girls are in school now too - weird feeling eh! Glad to hear they are doing ok with it all.

dawny said...
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dawny said...

weird yes, it's sooo quiet without them!!