Monday, 30 May 2011

Fitness Freak

I feel the need to do a post about my fitness regime and how its been progressing. This is not related to HE, but its what is going on just now for me, and after Lucy over at Skedaddle! linked to me I feel I should write something about my new obsession with becoming a super-toned, zombie-fighting action babe.

This is all Lucy's fault. Well, actually I came across her blog just after I'd started going to the gym and eating healthily again, and she inspired me to take things a step further and really go for it, which is when I added running, circuits and resistance training to the plan.

I was really enjoying the running (surprisingly!) and had got up to alternate 4 mins running/1 min walking on my 2 mile river route (probably sounds a bit pathetic, but I was slowly increasing my running time) then I was hit with shin splints so had to slow things right down :-(
However, I am determined to get back to running, and am planning on joining a local runners group once I feel a bit more confident.

I'm also enjoying the regular (2-3 times a week) gym visits, especially as A now comes with me sometimes. And on Friday I discovered something truly wonderful - a body pump class. An hour of lifting weights to very loud music, while a lovely (and slightly camp) instructor shouts at us, and occasionally bursts into song along with whatever track is playing. I don't know how he manages it, but he rolls the barbell up and down his body so suggestively its almost obscene. I love this class soooo much.
I paid for this the following day though - I was ill all last week (nasty cold) and an hour in the gym and then the class was a bit too much, as on Saturday I was wrecked. I got so miserable and grumpy that A sent me back to bed.

I'm really glad I have this to focus on as other aspects of my life seem to be imploding. Had an extremely stressful day yesterday (cant go into detail, but nothing to do with A) and got about 3 hours sleep last night. My confidence has taken a real knock recently, the self employment is feeling overwhelming and impossible. Basically I have just lost my bottle where that is concerned, so am now seriously looking for a crappy job to keep us going, one with hours that wont affect HE too much. I guess that means early morning cleaning then - oh joy!

On a brighter note - I have booked our flights for our holiday to Italy in September - cant wait! If I keep with Lucy's project (which I WILL - of course!) I may even pack a bikini ;-)


Lynn said...

Sorry you are having a tough time at the mo ((hug)) Hope things sort themselves out in the best way possible for you... I would imagine the benefits of excersise will help enormously both physically and emotionally.xxxx

Strawberry said...

Hi! I have only just recently started following your blog after reading your wonderful article in the GP magazine! Since disvovering it I have now back tracked and caught up with what you are doing and I think you are doing an AMAZING job! The reason I chose to follow your blog is because I am considering HEing my two children once they get to secondary age so I was interested to see how you are getting on. I also am a writer (not sure if you can call me that just yet! But I do write and my dream is to do it freelance as my only job). I can relate to you so much when you say about your confidence being knocked and before about you liking your own company and not being as sociable as your daughter. I could have written all of that as I am exactly the same! Please keep up with the writing - your article in GP was fab! You CAN do this! Keep doing the wonderful job you are doing and I hope you enjoy your holiday in September! (We also have Italian blood!) All the best. x x x x

Anonymous said...

Sounds busy, but that's great that you're enjoying running! Here in Connecticut it's been summery hot; I can't imagine even trying to run across the yard without breaking down into a sweaty, tired mess. Ugh!

Ooh, a trip to Italy - traveling is always fun! I know I'm a little early, but have a great time. ;)

K said...

Thanks for your lovely comments :-)

I went for a run today - it definitely helps with the stress!

So glad you liked the article Strawberry - its really nice to get feedback on here :-)


Stu McLellan said...

Hey Kara, nice to be accompanying your article in Juno with a little drawing of mine! Hope you're well and good wishes with your journey!


K said...

Hi Stu, I thought your drawing was great - really complimented the article well. Thanks for the good wishes, all the best to you too :-)