Friday, 1 July 2011

More drama, sore shins, and zombie cupcakes!

Thats drama as in performances - not real life ;-)

Tuesday was end of term for A's Inverness drama class, with a 15 min show for parents. I really enjoyed this one - the humour was quite dark, with some quirky little touches. But A has decided not to go back after the summer. She's enjoyed the class in some ways, but I think she feels a bit old for it - its for 9 -12 yr olds, and is mostly 9 and 10 yr olds. The other drama group she's in is for 12 - 16 yr olds and she fits in much more easily and happily there. She did ask if she could go up to the older group but was told she'd have to wait until she's 13, so that means 2 more terms in the younger group.
On Wednesday we went to see one of our HE friends perform with her musical theatre group, which was lots of fun. I was amazed at how tight the performances were, the kids must have worked really hard.
And on Thursday A went to see a drama show at the school she'll be going to, which some of her friends were in. She said she enjoyed it and may join that group (which would make up for leaving the Inverness group!)

I didn't go to the show at the school, as it was my first night at the running club. There was a woman I know in the beginners group, which made it easier as we ran together. I really enjoyed running with a group, more than I thought I would. It was great having someone else to time keep, and I felt it was just the right level for me. BUT - my shins started hurting again after the run, and are feeling really sore today - AAAARRGGH!!! This is SO frustrating! This is what happened before - just when I started getting somewhere and increasing my running times the shins flared up. I'm feeling very despondent about it, as all I want to do is get out there and RUN! But all the advice about shin splints says "stop running" :-( I'm thinking about going to see a sports physio I know, maybe she will be able to help.

I've not heard about the job yet. I phoned to check and apparently there is a backlog, so I just have to be patient...

Thought I should put some photos in to brighten up this post, so here you go:

I'm very pleased with how my fruit is coming on, although I did chase a blackbird away from my blackcurrants earlier, so will have to pick them soon I think!

We had a shopping trip today, and along with all the school-related items I bought (this school malarky is proving expensive!!) we found this wonderful book - combining my love of cake and horror - perfect :D It contains such marvels as:

Shattered Glass

Blood-stained Brains

And my personal favourite -

Bleeding Hearts



affectionforfitness said...

Hi K! I wish I knew more about running to say something useful. However, my answer to most stuff that hurts is to lessen up on it (or stop it, depending upon the level of pain and potential damage to my body), and to cross-train.

That's why I started to do yoga, because weightlifting too much each week was making my joints really sore. At one point, I felt so old with sore joints that I was thinking of quitting weight lifting entirely!!

The days of rest I get from doing yoga has not made my weightlifting any less. In fact, I'm doing as great as ever.

Anyway, I hope your running goes better. And those treats look creepy and yummy at the same time. Cool.

:-) Marion

K said...

Hi Marion :-)

I know you're right about easing up, thats what I keep getting told :-( I obviously need to learn about patience!!
I do pilates, and am carrying on with my circuits, and can at least get out walking, that will have to do for now. I think I need to get to the bottom of whats causing the shin problem though, maybe its the way I'm running after all. Will talk to the sports physio soon.

Your yoga sounds pretty extreme! I liked the post you did on it, but for some reason I can never see pictures on your blog, they just wont download - not sure why that is.

Cheers for now x

Anonymous said...

LOL Those cupcakes are priceless. Hehehe. ;)

I'm glad you had a good time running, I hope your shins feel better soon!

K said...

Thanks Taylor Lynn :-)
If I manage to successfully make any of the cakes I will post some pics :D

Liz said...

Shin splints is usually a sign of too much too soon. You do need to rest, unfortunately. Make sure you do plenty of stretches after warming the muscles up - it should help. Good luck!

K said...

Thanks Liz :-)
I've been stretching and slowing things down, it just seems like if I went any slower I'd be going backwards!! Still, there's no point in pushing it and crippling myself, so I'll carry on being kind to my legs :-)