Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Happy Wednesday!!

It has been a very happy Wednesday here, after the grimness of Tuesday when everything was grey and the rain didn't stop, today the sun came out and it almost felt warm! I'm just realising how much my mood is dependent on the weather - when its dark and damp I just want to curl up like a cat somewhere warm, its not that I feel particularly low or sad, just more tired really. But when the sun is shining I feel great - full of energy.

We seemed to get loads done today, had a walk on the beach (with camera of course), then a drink at the cafe, where the lady serving (who happens to be one of the nice Tai Chi ladies) gave A some mental arithmetic practice working out prices and change. Came home and did some work on spelling, then A read to me. Then we played a new card game for a while - Chinese Ten - which I got out of this library book. By this time we felt we'd done enough 'work' work, so I got a bit creative in the kitchen: cooked some pies (leek and mushroom for me, leek and broccoli for A) and Italian style cauliflower, then apple and pear pie (with fruit from my mum's trees which we nicked earlier today) with alpro custard (delicious!) for pudding. After overdosing on pastry we waddled off to my Tai Chi class where A spent the time drawing, and devising a new game to play with her friends on Friday. Unfortunately the washing up is still waiting for me in the kitchen.

This is one of the things I love about my life here:
sand shadow picture:
beach treasure:
tree corpses - I find these very beautiful for some reason:
A running away!


Lynn said...

I love the picture of the tree corpse!! Sounds like a great day. xx

Puppy said...

that looks fun!

K said...

Puppy! You cheeky monkey! What are you doing here?!