Tuesday, 21 October 2008

We're off!!

We are going away tomorrow for nearly three weeks, so I wont be doing any blogging for a while (will probably do a really long post when we get back - with lots of pics!)

Had a lovely day at Landmark today, with my friend, her two daughters, and another of A's old school friends. Very chilled (in more ways than one - it actually snowed a little bit!).

The famous water slides - not A's cup of tea.

The sun managed to shine a wee bit

The tower - looking up

A with Jess the dog

Good mates

I'm hoping to get into town while we're down South, to take A to the Tate Modern to see the Rothko exhibition. She's shown quite an interest in modern art, so I want to encourage her any way I can. She spent over an hour studying a book I have on Dali the other day, I think thats the longest time she's ever spent looking at a book! We had spent some time online looking at info about Rothko, and she was very enthusiastic about seeing the exhibition. It will be a very expensive day out, a proper treat, but hopefully I'll be able to make it happen.

Not many plans for the rest of the holiday, lots of time with my brother and his family, visiting various relatives, and meeting up with a very old friend I haven't seen for ages. We'll just see what occurs - I'll let you know ;0)


Home Edutainer said...

Hope you both have a lovely time while away... I too am a Rothko fan! Lillie often browses through a book that I have on some of his work. Im also hoping to go to the exhibition some time before it ends in Feb' 09 I think? Let me know what you think of it as its one not to be missed!

Take care & I will look forward to reading all about your break x x

Lynn said...

Happy Holidays !! XX

Dawny said...

Have a great time :)
the tower looking up - oh my gosh - eugh dizzy making lol

K said...

Hi Rebecca, I'll let you know what we think of the exhibition, I'm determined to get there!

Thanks Lynn!

I didn't actually go up the tower Dawny, the dog was too scared (thats my excuse anyway!).

Bye for now x

R.E.II said...

hello again, wanted you to know my new blog is now on and would like to feature you on...nothing like you've ever seen on blogger, hopefully...or what do you think?