Thursday, 16 October 2008

Building shelters... the woods at Fochabers .

This was a home ed group organised event, led by a forest ranger who taught the kids all about survival, and then sent them off in groups to build shelters of their own. The kids all semed to really enjoy it, and I know A got a lot out of it. I forgot to take my camera (again!), so thanks to byothermeans for the photos!

I didn't enjoy the day so much. I was really looking forward to it, but for some reason when we arrived I was hit by a wave of panic/anxiety, and spent the first couple of hours desperately trying to hold it all together and appear 'normal'. Of course I didn't look normal, I probably looked like a right moody, unsociable cow because I was focusing so much on stifling my feelings that I couldn't talk to anyone. I get so angry with myself when this happens, and that doesn't help matters either. I managed to talk to a few people after a while, mostly people who approached me, but it felt like such hard work. I don't understand why because they are a nice group.

I came home utterly exhausted, and its taken a couple of days for me to be able to post this as it left me feeling quite low. Had a chat on the phone with a good friend who helped me get things in perspective, and I know its not always that extreme, but I hate the way it takes me by surprise like that. One good thing was I managed to hide it from A, she was busy off with the other kids, so it didn't spoil her day. My biggest fear is she will inherit this tendency, but there aren't any signs thankfully.

We've been stocking up on wood again!

A has been as creative as ever, and enjoying putting things together for her blog.

We've been working on spelling quite a bit, using the Smelly_Spelling workbook. I'd been giving A spelling tests (at her request) but felt a bit more guidance was needed. English is so weird when it comes to spelling, I'm just realising how difficult it is to learn, as there are seemingly no definate rules about anything! I think the best way is just to read loads, I'm sure thats how I got the hang of it all, but A is still quite a reluctant reader.


Red Eyes said...

Hi K,
A shelter for dreams. In my mind it grows larger than a shed. Seems like a lovely concretized architecture, yes? said...

I had no idea - you did appear fine :) We were all also exhausted after it though... I was putting it down to the chill and damp but maybe it was draining in other ways too, LOTS of people.

Lovely logs :)

max said...


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Dawny said...

You're up near Lucy then K , that's nice.
I dip in and out of it like that too, hugs.
looks like a good time was had by all.

Hannah said...

((hugs)) for the anxiety. I suffer from a similar thing at groups sometimes even though the people are nice and everything.

K said...

Thanks for the hugs!!