Friday, 3 October 2008

Grannies on bikes

Been out on these a bit this week. I love my old ladies bike with the little basket on the front, so handy. I think I'm turning into my Granny - she used to hack about town on her bicycle, I'll be wearing a headscarf next.
A very sociable week for A, lots of time spent playing with friends, and this is continuing into the weekend: two extra girls here at the moment, one of whom is staying over the night; another friend coming for a sleepover tomorrow night; then a party to go to Sunday afternoon. I keep thinking about the people who said 'but wont A get lonely if you home educate?' with a smile on my face!
Not a lot of 'work' seems to have gone on this week, but I think its ok to have weeks like this.
I sat down last night and made a few lists and notes on the various projects we have on the go, and also the different activities to support A's numeracy and literacy. It all looks quite impressive when put down in black and white - rather than swirling round our heads and stuffed in folders and drawers all over the flat!

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Red Eyes said...

My dear friend, looks fabulous, that bike. I don't think its only grannies that tie headscarfs. Its very fashionable these days.