Sunday, 12 October 2008

Some culture

Last night my Mum took us to the theatre to see Something_Wicked_This_Way_Comes . A very good production I thought, with fantastic use of the set. I did find the two main characters quite irritating at times, not sure whether this was down to them being young boys played by grown men, the forced American accents, or just the characters themselves. But there was a lovely sinister atmosphere evoked by the carnival scenes and characters, which both A and myself enjoyed very much. In fact I think I liked the evil 'Mr Dark' a little bit too much (but thats always been my problem). In essence though it was a very moral tale about joy and love overcoming evil.
I wondered whether A might be affected by the disturbing tone, some bits were very dark, and I know a lot of kids might end up having nightmares after that sort of thing, but she seems to take it all in her stride - not bothered a bit.

Today I learned to knit! Not sure how I got to the age of 35 without having achieved this, but I sat down today with my Mum and actually listened to her explain it to me, and am currently creating a dishcloth (woo hoo!!). I have great ambitions in this area, but the wise woman (Mum) tells me I must go slowly, otherwise I'll just put myself off by trying something too complicated. So its dishcloths for the time being. A, of course, has been able to knit for a couple of years at least.


Hannah said...

Congrats on learning to knit! I've been knitting a year now but still taking it slow lol!

Dawny said...

Hiya K just popping in to ask you to pop in to Far Out Crowd blog home page to see it's had an update.
Instead of a list of links it is now an active google blog list which orders the blogs according to when last posted on :)
dawny xx

Elizabeth said...

Learning to knit is on my list of things to learn. I can see getting to 35 yrs without learning to knit-my grandmother nearly kealed over when she realized I was almost 20 and had no idea how to thread a needle! (My mom was a seamstress!)

Grit said...


K said...

I cant imagine what you mean Grit, I do not look like a mad old woman sitting hunched over my needles, grimacing with concentration. Not at all.
K x