Sunday, 5 October 2008

Mostly pictures

This appeared in my living room on Saturday:

The girls had their in dinner in there,

and this is how it looked this morning with the shutters and curtains closed:

Some of this went on too:

resulting in this:


Red Eyes said...

I saw your footprints on red eyes and now I am wondering just who will be held responsible for an accidental mess by the young ones. Simple ways of refreshing home decor this seems! Perhaps they would like something that sets the living room apart from the rest of the house. Maybe kids aren't so scary after all...they are lovely and sweet. Imagine how boring it will be without them.

Dawny said...

oooh I just so loved making dens when i was a kid :-) I remember under my nanna's old wooden clothes horse. :) love the morning pic of it :)

Dawny said...

ps like your profile flower pic :)

K said...

I had to stop myself from crawling in and joining them, it looked so cosy, not sure I would have been welcome though! X