Friday, 10 April 2009

Satrosphere - again!

We got there this time! More of that later.

I took this picture of the piles of boxes in our living room before we moved. I intended to take one of the flat once it was all empty, but couldn't find the camera (in a box somewhere), but it looked so beautiful once it was empty and we cleaned it all, I almost didn't want to leave.

The move went pretty smoothly, but I still found it a very stressful week. We got the keys on Wednesday, so did a few runs in my Mum's little Ford Fiesta that day. Then on Thursday the very lovely man turned up to help me with all the big, heavy stuff.

Friday we (me and A) did a few more runs in Mum's car, then on Saturday my Mum came and helped us with the last few bits and cleaning the flat.

The new house is great, despite a few initial problems - washing machine broke the first time I used it, and the heating is not working properly. Once we get those sorted all will be well. We are slowly unpacking boxes, but it will take some time I think. A absolutely loves the house, and especially her room, she's already made it into her space, and there are no bedtime issues now. Its so handy being in the town, and A is loving her new independence, like being able to pop to the shops for me.

So, yesterday we went off to Aberdeen (again) with our friends. Had a nice day - Art_Gallery first, then we had lunch at Slaine's_Castle - a spooky themed pub, with a waiter who tried very hard with the kids (unfortunately they just thought he was a bit weird!). After lunch we made our way to Satrosphere (hooray!). It was very 'hands on' - lots of interesting interactive stuff for the kids (and us Mums!) to play with. It wasn't as big as I had imagined somehow, maybe I'm just spoilt - growing up in London with easy access to the huge museums there, but what was there was really good, and the kids enjoyed it.

A running away in fear of a woolly mammoth

A and 'the boys' at the Mercat_Cross, Aberdeen


Hannah said...

I'm glad to hear your move went well. My washing machine always breaks right after I move house, they must not like the upset.
Shame about the lovely man :o/
The new house looks lovely

K said...

Hi Hannah!
It turned out the washing machine was switched off at the wall - very embarressing!! I must have knocked the secret hidden switch without realising. Mind you, the landlord didn't figure this out either, so I think he was more embarressed as its his machine!