Sunday, 12 April 2009

More presentations

A decided to do a couple more presentations yesterday. The first was on 'home-made beauty products'. I was shown round her laboratory (the bathroom), given a demonstration on how she makes her creams, and given a free little pot of mint handcream.
The second was on 'herbs and spices' (see pics below), and she made some herby/spicy dips for me to sample (the curried hummus one was interesting!).

We are both enjoying the wonderful 'lightness' of our new home - our previous flat really lacked natural light because it was surrounded by trees, and the big house it was attached to blocked a lot of light too. As you can see, we have big patio doors which are south-facing, so lots of sunshine streaming in :)
I'm also finding it much easier to get out of bed in the morning, which I'm putting down to how light my bedroom seems.

And we have stairs!!

Took this picture of our dinner bubbling away last night. We are starting to get exciting things in our vegbox now spring is here, so I was inspired to make a potato and chard curry, which we had with red quinoa. Lovely!


Home Edutainer said...

So how do I request an order of A's home-made beauty products/herbs & spices? x x

Lucy said...

new house looks lovely :) as do creams and curry!!

Julia Pollard said...

mmmm, food looks delicious, and the new found light must feel sooooo nice :o)

K said...

Hi all!
I'm sure A would be delighted to take orders for her products, little businesswoman that she is!! She'll be setting up her own website next :)

I'm still enjoying the light SO much - its amazing what a difference it makes to my mood :))