Wednesday, 22 April 2009

To the beach!!

We love living so near a beach. Spending more and more time there now the weather is nicer. We went down on Monday and A did some sketching in the cafe. She gave the picture to our friend who works there, who was delighted with it.

A's sand turtle: 'Shelly'
We've also had some more presentations! A is really keen on these, she's a natural performer (must get that from her Dad!). I'm trying to encourage her to work a bit more on her research and polish her performance now that she's got into them so much. She does really well though, I love her quirky little touches, like the eyes drawn on her eyelids (you can just about see them in the second picture below).

Mixing make-up

Wizardology, tarot, fortune-telling and charms

Forgot to post these last time - some beautiful flowers my friend brought over last week. I very rarely get flowers, so these really cheered me up :-)


Hannah said...

Loving the presentations - I remember doing these when I was a kid. Cooking shows, info-mercials etc!

Shirl said...

Now the warmer weather is here, we'll be spending me time on the beach too. Love the turtle! :0)