Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Disastrous Day

Not going to write much as I'm fed up - firstly with all the boxes, secondly that our lovely day out to escape from all the boxes turned into a disaster.

Today was supposed to be spent at Satrosphere in Aberdeen, at a science workshop with the home ed group. Unfortunately, I managed to print off a map of where Satrosphere used to be, before it moved. So we got the train all the way through to Aberdeen, and turned up at a building site, nowhere near where we should have been. I don't know Aberdeen at all, and neither of us wanted to search for the place then have to walk in very late, missing most of the event, so we wandered around the city for a while feeling grumpy. Then came home.
Lesson learnt today - NEVER trust the maps on this site!!

Actually, it wasn't all bad. We met a lovely friend I hadn't seen for ages on the train on the way there, so caught up with her a bit. We also got some chocolate in Thorntons, and a bath bomb each in LUSH. And we discussed many subjects while wandering around (in between moaning and whining). And the train journey was nice. Still a bit fed up though.

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Lucy said...

oh no - what a shame... we once did just that with satrosphere in the past but luckily managed to find our way to the new one after a bit.