Saturday, 18 April 2009

What's Cooking?

A has been cooking again...

she really impressed me this time...

with stuffed pepper and puff pastry pizza - delicious!

This was our 'use up the rest of the pastry' breakfast the following day - chocolate croissants. Blame Nigella!

And this is the colourful stirfry I made the other night, very pretty I thought.

Unpacking is ongoing, we now have all our books and CDs on the shelves which makes it feel much more like 'our' place. Also - we now have heat! The man came to fix the heating system on Friday, not that we need the heating on much here, but its good to know its all working properly.
I'm hoping we can get back into a bit of a routine (I use that term very loosely!!) with HE stuff from next week. I'm planning to get it all organised and accessible into drawers in the spare room, and we can maybe reassess how A wants to approach things. We also have a few group outings and workshops lined up.


Hannah said...

Yum! Well done Angel - you can cook for me anytime!

K said...

Its a shame you don't live nearer - bit of a long trek to come over for dinner! But if you're ever up this way you're definately invited :)
Kara x