Monday, 1 September 2008

Messy biscuits

Don't laugh!!!!
Yes, we've been baking again. These were supposed to be perfect little squares and spirals, but clearly we didn't make our dough firm enough as they all squished when we cut them. But do we care? No, because they still taste really good.
As usual our baking session morphed into a dance session, we cannot bake without dance music on, and once the goodies are in the oven there's nothing else to do but boogie around the kitchen. Its just as well really, considering the extra calories we are getting with regular cake and biscuit creations happening.
Talking of dancing, we have been doing the Latina_Tone exercise DVD in the mornings, as an attempt to wake us up and get us ready for the day. Its worked quite well I think, and has been quite hilarious as neither of us can keep up with the DVD so end up doing our own version.
A decided for some reason that today was our first day of 'proper' home education, I think its just hit home that her friends are back at school now. So she did some maths this morning. She doesn't seem to have any problems with maths apart from self confidence, she's very quick to say "I cant do it", but when I sit and go through it with her she actually picks things up very quickly.
She also wrote a story while I was doing my Tai Chi class, so she's worked very hard today.


Elizabeth said...

They look fantastic! Hazel wants to make those, but the process seems to daunting to me!

K said...

Its not as hard as you'd think (if you get the dough firm enough!). We just made two lots of shortbread dough (one with cocoa power). For the spirals you just roll both lots out into a square, place one on top of the other, roll together into a 'swiss roll' and cut into individual biscuits.
For the squares you make four long rectangles and make a kind of battenberg, then cut as with the spirals. Have a go -they taste good however they turn out! X