Sunday, 7 September 2008

Museums and rainy river walks

We found this huge spiders web on our way to the Nairn_Museum on Thursday, the photo doesn't capture it brilliantly, but it was quite impressive in real life! The museum was great, we've been plenty of times before but always enjoy it, and there is currently a Russian Highland Connections exhibition which was very interesting. There were lots of leaflets about the Scottish-Russia_Forum which made me think again about learning Russian (I tried a few years ago but didn't get very far). I've had a long interest in Russian literature and have always wanted to go there, maybe learning some basics of the language is something I could do with A, and if she shows an interest we could look at other aspects of the country such as geography, art, literature, religion.

We have another visitor up from England at the moment, so after the museum we went for a walk by the river. Once we set off the rain started, quite heavily! But we had plenty of trees for shelter so didn't get too wet, and its just as beautiful in the rain.

Saturday was another museum day, this time in Elgin (inspired by By_other_means ). A much bigger museum than the Nairn one, and very good too. It was great to see some of the artefacts we'd heard about at our trip to the Birnie archaeological site. We were particularly interested in the section about the Picts, and now have a few other local places of interest we want to visit connected with this, not least the caves at Covesea.

This morning we were up at 7am (WHAT?!?) for a car boot sale. I really am not a morning person! The fact that it was cold and windy didn't help much either. However, A is quite happy with her takings for the morning (about £13, personally I don't think thats enough of a reward for standing in the cold for 3 hours on a Sunday morning, but maybe I'm just a miserable git!) and she's keen to do another one as soon as possible :(

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