Wednesday, 10 September 2008

We Won Something!

Last week A was grumbling that 'we never win anything', then later that same day I got a call from a local library to tell me we had come second in a competition and won £15 worth of book tokens! So yesterday we went for the presentation and had our photo taken for the local paper - very exciting. For the competition we had to go round the high street finding books in shop windows, writing down the authors names, and find the secret phrase made up from the first letters of the authors surnames. So now we must get to a bookshop and spend our winnings.
We also met up with some friends yesterday who had been away since the beginning of July, and whom we had really missed, so a good day all round.

Had a lie-in this morning, listening to Radio 4' big_bang_day stuff. I found it all quite mind boggling, but very interesting, I think A dozed through most of it - it didn't seem to inspire her! She has been quite caught up with her current 'saving the earth' project, focusing on animals at the moment. She's been using a number of books, plus googling things, and coming up with some interesting facts and info and some great drawings. She's doing most of it by herself and seems to be really enjoying it.
Maths is becoming a bit of an issue, not because A cant do it, but (as I think I mentioned in a previous post) she is very quick to give up, and becomes quite frustrated and cross about it. When I sit and go through it with her she does understand and can work things out. We've been using a couple of different workbooks which seemed good and quite 'fun', but I'm wondering if I need to find a different approach and different resources to help her. Any suggestions very welcome!!

Working backwards here - Monday was a beautiful day, after Tai Chi we spontaneously decided to head to the beach and enjoy the sunshine, so we had some chips at the little cafe and then went paddling in the sea and collected loads of shells for jewellery making. Then it was back home to our trampoline classroom for some project work and discussions. We both commented how wonderful it was to be able to get out and enjoy the last of the summer, and how much we are loving home ed :)


Dawny said...

it sounds like you're having a lovely time

Lucy said...

well done :D Relly enjoying reading your blog and observations.

Home Edutainer said...

Congrats on winning a prize! I hope you will upload the photo from the local paper when it comes out...

Regarding A becoming frustrated with doing 'maths' - how would you feel about her taking a break from it for say about a month? Maybe exchange the time for her to do something else? Then re-evaluate the situation... x x

K said...

Thankyou all!
I will upload the photo, I think its out next week.
And thanks for the suggestion about maths - I hadn't thought about taking a complete break, but maybe thats what she needs. I really don't want to put her off totally and I can see that happening if we carry on the way we are going. X

Hannah said...

Congratulations on winning the prize!
School totally put C off maths and after a break we are now approaching it from a games point of view. Card games in particular are great for keeping up and improving skills and a good activity for rainy days too :o)

K said...

Cheers Hannah, games are a great idea - thanks. We went through a phase of playing cards a while ago, then kind of got out of the habit of it. I think I need to open my mind a bit more to the 'educational' value of things like that, once you mentioned it it seemed so obvious! I guess I'm still a bit stuck in the 'school' mindset, but trying very hard to escape ;o)