Thursday, 28 August 2008

Its Pie Day

We decided that today would be pie day, so A made these three little pies for our tea.

Unusual fillings maybe - veggie sausage and tomato; veggie sausage and baked beans; and mushroom and tofutti with herbs and chives - and quite a thick crust, but pretty good for A's first attempt at pie-making!

I was working this morning, so A had some time with her Granny. We then had quite a productive afternoon (aside from the pie-making). We planned how we are going to print the magazine A has made, including working out how each individual A4 page will need to be positioned on the A3 sheets we are going to use. Just need to get copying now.

We also spent a good couple of hours out on the trampoline, not bouncing but working on the story we are writing together. This is an idea that came out of our earliest discussions about home education, when we talked about the sort of things we could do together. A has remained very keen on the idea and we have had several chats about storylines, but this is the first time we've actually sat down and put something on paper. Today we both wrote a character study, including a picture, as we are each responsible for one of the two main characters. We filled in a bit of the background and history of the characters, and bounced a few ideas around (so there was some bouncing after all!) about the plot. I really enjoyed this, I think this is going to be a long term thing which we can dip in and out of as we feel inspired. And the trampoline is proving to be a fantastic sunny day study room!
Finished the evening off by reading some more of Michelle Paver's Spirit_Walker, we read the first book in the series - Wolf_Brother - a couple of months ago, and loved it. Some of the descriptions are quite gruesome as the story details the lives of ancient hunter-gatherer tribes, but it's a gripping tale. Its looking very likely that we will work through all six books in the series.


Lynn said...

Thanks for the link to the series of books.they sound just up our street.xx

Lucy said...

wow at the pies!

K said...

I think I'm enjoying the books as much as A. There are only four written so far, but definately six planned. x