Sunday, 28 September 2008

Folk Museum and other things

On Friday we went to the Highland_Folk_Museum in Newtonmore with some of the home ed group. Very interesting place, the first time I had been, although A went last year with the school. The children spent a lot of time at the 1930s style schoolroom, and the little old fashioned sweetie shop was a favourite. I found the early 1700s township fascinating (below).
There was a lovely mix of ages, and A really enjoyed helping out with a couple of the littlest ones. I got sicked on by a baby, but he was very gorgeous so I let him off.

An A-sized cottage

Granny took A to the theatre to see One_Giant_Leap, which they both thoroughly enjoyed.

On Thursday night we had dinner with A's other grandparents, and I had a good chat with Nonno about languages (as well as his native Italian he speaks several others). He seemed genuinely pleased when I mentioned that I wanted to do some basic Italian with A, and is quite enthusiastic about helping us out with it. It will be great to have someone to guide us with proper pronounciation. He's promised to dig out some old books and games he used with A's Dad and auntie when they were little.

A had her drama class Saturday, then played with a friend all afternoon, and in the evening we went to a fire party in the dunes at Findhorn. My friend was celebrating doing fantastically well in her RHS exams (clever woman - they are really hard!). There was some drumming and guitar playing, and a young lad doing some fire poi - amazing. Didn't manage to get any decent shots of the fire, but below is the path down to the party, lit with little candles (a bit of a pathetic photo - sorry!)

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