Friday, 15 August 2008

Chocolate heaven, mmmm

We baked these lovely chocolate cupcakes today, using a recipe from a leaflet that came with my vegan magazine. VERY naughty, but also very delicious!!!

Its been a nice lazy day, long lie-ins, a bath, a leisurely breakfast, and a little TV. A then decided to cut a pair of her jeans into shorts, and make a waistcoat out of the offcuts, I was quite impressed. We then had to rush to make the cakes in time for her to take some with her to Nonna and Nonno's, where she is staying this weekend - again! Its very unusual for her to go two weekends in a row, she usually goes to stay every couple of months or so and we both go over for dinner every couple of weeks, but there were events on which Nonna wanted to take her to last weekend and this. A will also get a chance to see her younger half siblings and their Mum, which she loves.

I get to spend the weekend working on my OU essay, not much fun, after so many years of studying you'd think I would be better at time management and not leave it all to the last minute. To be honest I've not enjoyed this current course as much as I thought I would, not sure why as its an interesting subject, but it will all be over in a few weeks and I can rest my brain. Still, at least I've got the cakes to keep me going!


Home Edutainer said...

How yummy do those cakes look? If only one could be sent via cyber space! It would go very well with this cup of tea that Ive just made... x x

Hannah said...

Ooh those cakes look great. What do you use instead of egg in vegan cakes?
I'm v. impressed with making waistcoats out of offcuts - we need pics!

K said...

Yes, they are a bit too nice, I'm thinking there should be some left when A gets back tomorrow but don't know if i can resist!!
There's vegetable oil in the ingredients, I think that must be instead of egg, I will post the whole recipe when I get time so you can both have a go yourselves - you will be very popular Mums, trust me!
I will get some pics of the waistcoat, I think she wants to do something more to it first though xx

Lucy said...

oh my - they look absolutely gorgeous! Love the trampoline pic too :) Feel quite inspired to make some too, will wait to see your recipe.

Home Edutainer said...

Thanks K - I shall look forward to making some! x x

Lynn said...

Not a vegan but they look delish!!

I do try lots of different vegetarian and vegan recipes so looking forward to trying these;-)xx