Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Down in the Woods Today...

No pictures of our woodland adventures as I very stupidly forgot my camera, so just this lovely one of an upside down, mid-flip A on our trampoline. I love this photo!

Our trip to the woods was with the local home education group, and it was great. The forest rangers took us on a walk and we talked about the different types of trees and some of the wildlife, then it was off for lunch and a bit of pond dipping which the kids all thoroughly enjoyed. A happily joined the other kids and seemed totally at ease, a good day all round actually.

I have to say I feel really lucky to have this established network of home educating families so close at hand. It has definately made the process easier for me. From the very beginning, when I was just considering HE as one option and made tentative enquiries, the group has been welcoming and friendly in a down to earth kind of way.


Home Edutainer said...

Hi K,
Lillie said A looks cool on her trampoline! x x

K said...

A says 'thanks Lillie!'.
She bought the trampoline with her own savings, but she lets me have a go on it too!
I'll have to get A to take some pictures of me on it - now that would be funny!! xx