Thursday, 28 July 2011

Lazy Summer

We waved off E last Friday, and had a nice time catching up with some other friends, but have been having a very lazy time generally.
I still feel a bit caught in that static state where I'm waiting for something to happen. I'm finding it very hard to motivate myself to do anything apart from the basic stuff: exercise; cooking; cleaning. Its all pretty mindless though, and I've been unable to focus on any writing. I did, however, apply for another job - postwoman - so we'll see if anything comes of that.

I've been here before and I know I just need to force myself out of it. Once I make myself get into a new, healthier rhythm I'll feel much better. A will be going down to Edinburgh for a week soon, for her drama skills course, and I think having that week on my own will push me into changing things.

I do find cooking nutritious food really therapeutic, even if its not always appreciated by my daughter, who would rather eat chips :-/


Anonymous said...

Ooh, postwoman is an interesting job! I hope you enjoy it if you get the job.

affectionforfitness said...

Hi K! You're going to have a week on your own--without kids? Am I hearing that correctly? What do you plan on doing? That sounds fun!

:-) Marion

K said...

Hi :-)

I like the idea of being a postie, all that fresh air and exercise. Fingers crossed I get an interview!

As for the child-free week, I haven't planned anything! I really need to get my head sorted and get some work done I think, so nothing very exciting I'm afraid.