Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Disappearing girls, and the sorry shin saga continues...

A's friend 'E' arrived on Friday :-)
We met her at the train station, then I took the two girls, along with another of A's friends to see the new Harry Potter film, which we all enjoyed.

This is the cake A made as a welcome for E

The girls seem to be having a great time, and as the week goes on I'm seeing less and less of them. The weather was good for a couple of days, so off they went on the bikes down to the beach, or the park. Its not so nice now, but they still seem keen to get out of the house. They reappear every so often for an outfit change (!) then they're off again. I'm really pleased, particularly that they're not spending much time on the computer. I do feel a bit redundant though!

These two have known each other since they were 4, but haven't seen much of each other since E moved away a few years back - its so lovely to see that their friendship has remained strong despite the time and distance apart. Its also interesting to see them together as almost-teens, all my memories of them together (and they used to spend LOTS of time together, as E's Mum is a great friend of mine) are of little girls playing. They don't 'play' any more. They both seem much older than they are, although there is the odd hint of the little girls they used to be :-)

This is the state of the bedroom at the moment

I have been trying to use the time and space they have given me to do something constructive, ie some clearing out. Yesterday I decided to start on the HE 'stuff' - all the 'evidence' I've kept of A's education, waiting for the day when someone wants to check up on us. Tempting as it was to chuck the lot, there are far too many wonderful memories amongst it all, so I went through it all and filed a lot of it away to keep. Quite an emotional afternoon!

Some of the treasures I found:

  • lots of amazing art work - I have a whole box of sketches and paintings

  • sheets and sheets of maths work - many with "I hate maths" scrawled somewhere on the page!

  • a flow chart entitled 'Why its not my fault' - I want to frame this, such a brilliant example of A's creative logic

  • the script of a comedy sketch we wrote together - brought back memories of trying to record it, we had to do loads of takes as we were laughing so much

  • many poems and stories - some about herself and her early childhood which were quite sad, amazing insight into very complicated adult situations

  • A's hilarious approach to writing up science experiments

  • several home-made magazines, focusing on popular culture/fashion/make-up (or rather "mack-up")

I'm so aware that a lot of the child-like aspects of A's character are disappearing now, or transforming, and I feel going to school will just push her that bit further down that road. They are all struggling so hard to be more grown up. Its inevitable, and in some ways very positive as she's becoming a lovely young woman rather than a lovely child (not biased at all ;-)) but for a parent it does evoke mournful feelings too.

So, shins.
Went for my second excruciating session with the sports physio today. She thinks I might benefit from special insoles for my trainers, apparently I may have a slight pronation that wasn't picked up when I went for my shoe fitting. I'm feeling more and more despondent about the whole thing. Its costing me money and causing me pain. I went for a very gentle, very short run this morning, and while my shins weren't too bad I feel like I'm back to square one with my fitness level and stamina. I just ran round a field a couple of times (alternate run-walking) and I felt like I was going to die. Is it worth it I am asking myself?! Somewhere in my memory is that great feeling I got from a good run when I felt I was progressing, I need to find that.


The Knickernator said...

At times like this it can be helpful to turn the focus to another exercise, so you don't end up hating running. Get punching something while you heal properly ;)

That'll be me next year, sniffing whilst clearing away HE stuff as she goes off to school, I'm watching the developments with interest...x

affectionforfitness said...

Hi K!

There is a running shoe in the U.S. called a Hoka shoe. I don't have them and have never tried them, but they are very big and wide looking running shoes that are supposed to be fairly miraculous for at least 2 bloggers who had pain when running. Maybe you should Google that up.

It is kind of sad to see a daughter grow up. But they are a new kind of fun when they get older.

I thought the Harry Potter movie was super good! And I love frosting roses!<<whoever did them at your house did a super job at them.

:-) Marion

K said...

Hey u two :-)

I think maybe I was getting a bit fixated on running, I need to get back to the gym a bit more often, and maybe get out on my bike when the weather's good. And punching things too, obviously ;-)

Those Hoka shoes look interesting, although I've got the insoles now and hopefully that will correct whatever is going wrong and causing the shin problem, don't want to pay out for a new pair of shoes yet if I can help it!

It was A who made the roses - my talented girl!!


Skye-Blu said...

Hi K! I've got an insole for foot pain I developed while pregnant with my daughter. I wore it for about a year and the pain disappeared completely. I then broke my foot and it was agony to wear the sole so I stopped. Now I don't wear it at all and I've never had any problems again. Hope your shins improve so you can get back to running - it really is a feel good sport. x x