Saturday, 14 May 2011


Merry over at Patch of Puddles is looking for HE people to photo-blog 'a day in the life' for her blog carnival, so I thought I would join in.

This was the beautiful clear sky at 7am when I got up for my early morning jog (A was still fast asleep at this point!)

A couple of hours later and A emerges. First things first - facebook check.

Another crucial task - apply make-up.

After breakfast A does some work on her essay-writing course, she's just started it so is looking at paragraphs and how to make them 'flow'.

Meanwhile, I'm preparing a poster we're making of the periodic table. I've measured and drawn out the structure of the table, A is going to do the arty/pretty stuff - colours and script.

A bit later and she's moved on to maths. A is finishing the 'exams' which conclude the online curriculum she's been following. After struggling with some long multiplication, she manages to get 12 out of 13 correct -yay!

Falafels for lunch!

A pause for some prettiness at the top of the stairs - reflections from the sunshine

Next its off to collect the car (we have a car-share arrangement with Granny)

A has control of the camera while I'm driving:

Music (and singing along) is a definite requirement in the car!

20 miles later we arrive in Elgin, have an hour in the gym, then its skating club for A

After skating one of A's mates comes back with us for a sleepover

Crazy makeover fun!

The day concluded with some late night film-watching in bed for the girls, and a vodka & tonic, and vegging in front of the TV downstairs for me.

Not sure if thats a 'typical' HE day, but that was our Friday :D


Hannah said...

Thanks for sharing this - I haven't ever seen one of these done from the perspective of an older home educated child before.

Lucy said...

Hello! What a nice looking day! Can you be my mum? :) Where/who is the essay writing course from?

Merry said...

You are bookmarked for me to come back to - suddenly having older kids has come as a shock to me!

Thank you for joining in; I'd love more details on the essay and maths courses :)

K said...

Hi all, thanks for your comments :-)

The essay writing course is from Catherine Mooney - . Its not cheap, but it does seem like a good course, and the tutors are/were home educators.
The maths course is from Studyladder - you pay about £50 for the year, but you can try it out for free first. We've found it really good.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, thanks for sharing! I enjoy finding out about fellow homeschoolers. :)

A writing course sounds fun... Mom says when I turn sixteen I can take some courses at our local community college, and I'm definitely planning on taking a writing one!

Oh, one more thing... "A" looks very pretty. :)

Taylor Lynn <3

K said...

Hi Taylor Lynn, A really enjoys writing too, especially creative writing, although the course is more about how to put together structurally 'good' essays. Hope you find a college course to suit you :-)

(I think A is pretty too, but then I'm probably slightly biased!!)

hapi said...

Hi K, Nice blog! How to add the Glitter Effect Mouse Pointer to your Blog

Anonymous said...

Thanks, K, I do too! :)

Taylor Lynn <3