Friday, 20 May 2011

Hiking, Ben Nevis, and camping

That sounds all healthy and outdoorsy doesn't it?

You'll notice that I have a new camera :D A Canon PowerShot A 3100 - and very nice it is too.

So, on Sunday me, A, and Granny went off on a hike. Starting off at Rosemarkie beach:

we then cut back along the path, through the bluebells:

then off up into the Fairy Glen:

One of the waterfalls:

Beautiful views from the top:

We've been doing a fair bit of walking just lately, to prepare ourselves for our Ben Nevis Climb, which (if the weather is ok) will be happening next Sunday (29th).

We'd been thinking about it for a while, then A came up with the idea of getting people to sponsor her to get to the top - to raise money towards the Summer skills course she has a place on down in Edinburgh this August (a week-long residential drama workshop with YMT).

So it will be me, A, Granny, and Nonno - a bit of a family outing. Should be fun!

Ben Nevis - the highest moutain in the UK!

On Thursday we had a lovely home ed group outing - a tour of the theatre in Inverness (Eden Court). Got to catch up a wee bit with some friends, and the tour was really interesting, especially for A, who loves all things drama-related.

This evening I dropped A off for her weekend Guides camp. I don't do camping, so it will be a bit of a novelty for her I think. I'm sure she'll have a great time - they have lots of activities going on, and a campfire disco tomorrow night. She'll probably come home completely wrecked on Sunday (in a good way!)

I was planning on getting lots of work done, and having a night out tomorrow, but have come down with a cold and am feeling all achy and lethargic. Will have to see if the copious amount of vitamin C I'm taking kicks in - if the brain fog clears I might manage some work, if I'm not too snotty I might make it out for a couple of hours. There's always hope!!


Anonymous said...

Have fun climbing Ben Nevis! It looks like you took a lovely hike... I absolutely love the name Fairy Glen! Of course, I love faeries in general...

Good luck to A in getting sponsors! <3

Taylor Lynn <3

K said...

Cheers :-)

Sadly we didn't see any actual fairies in the Fairy Glen!


Anonymous said...

Aw, that's too bad. It would've made a great story if you'd seen a faery! ;)