Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Power cut

Due to the ferocious weather yesterday we had a power cut (luckily enough it happened just after I had cooked the dinner and switched the oven off). After a brief panic about not being able to get on facebook or watch Glee, A suggested we spend the evening sewing by candlelight (envisaging a long night with no electronic entertainment). So we gathered and lit a load of candles, and of course as soon as we'd done that the power came back on. We decided to keep the candles and do the sewing anyway :-)

A new 'baby monster' - the local craft shop sold a couple so I need to create a few more for them.

A made a bag out of my old jeans, just needs a strap now.

We haven't done much crafting lately, even my knitting has been neglected in the hecticness of life, so it was really good to get back to needles and thread. The evening also had the effect of renewing A's interest in making her own clothes, she found some nice, big pieces of material and is now trying to source patterns for a dress.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you both had a nice night! I really dislike power outages, though. They always interfere with what I want to do! I guess in this day and age we're too dependent on electricity. Even when my sister Jordan sews, she uses a machine!

You found a good pastime, though - sounds cozy and old fashioned and nice. :)

K said...

It was nice - but probably only because it hardly ever happens! If we got a lot of power cuts I'm sure we'd get sick of it. It did force us to look at how much we take our electricity supply for granted though.

I'm just really pleased that A seems to have got the sewing bug again, she got her machine out yesterday and is working on a couple of new things :-)

Bye for now x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some good came out of it, then! :D Hugs!