Thursday, 7 May 2009

We were here today...

...doesn't look very exciting from the outside - but this is MFR, the local radio station. One of the home ed group parents organised for a group of us to be shown around. Me and A were on the reserve list, as only 8 people were allowed in the group, but someone had to drop out so we got in at the last minute! I have to admit we very rarely listen to MFR, we tend to fight over having the radio set to Radio 4/Radio 1 (I'm sure you can guess where the preferences lie), but this was a really interesting trip - seeing how the shows are put together, and how the news room functions. We were in the studio as Tich_McCooey was broadcasting his show, he chatted to the kids, and even did a card trick for them (he was rubbish!) while the music was on.

It been quite a social week for A, she went over to her friend's yesterday (an old school friend). We seem to have a fairly regular Wednesday arrangement with this particular friend (and often her twin brother too), which is great for A, as its a friendship she really values.
On Monday we had a friend from the home ed group and her Mum over, which was lovely for both of us. I had originally tried to set up a get-together with a few of the girls from the HE group, as there hasn't been a lot going on with the group lately, and when we have been to things the girls A gets on best with haven't been there, but only one of the people we invited was able to make it. It was a bit of a shame more couldn't come, as I think A was well up for a party, but we had a nice time with the people who did come :0) Maybe we'll try again for a party later in the year (if I have another brave moment!).

Tomorrow we are off to Eden_Court with my friend and four other girls from A's old school, to see a special event Scottish_Ballet are putting on, should be interesting! Then on Saturday it is the Mayfair at A's old school, which she is very keen to go to. I'm not so keen, but am aware that this is largely because I'm a grumpy, antisocial git, so will make the effort for A's sake. So - a busy old time at the moment for us.

Must mention this book about Albert Einstein we've been reading, there is a whole series of them (we also have one on Charles Darwin to read next) and they are brilliant - just the right level for A, giving an interesting account of the individual's life as well as some insight into his work and theories.


Elaine said...

Love the visit to the radio station - what a fabulous idea.

K said...

It was great - the sort of thing we would probably never get to do if we weren't HEing :)