Monday, 18 May 2009


We had a baking session on Saturday (after a loooong lie-in!) and made these beauties, both recipes taken from my VeggieHealth magazine. We used strawberry soya yoghurt in the vanilla sponge as we couldn't get hold of any plain, delicious.
A went for dinner at my aunt and uncle's, with Granny and her friend on Saturday evening, while I went off to the pub as my friend up from Lanarkshire was singing there.
Sunday was very chilled, spent at Granny's: a bit of badminton, lots of tea and cake :0)
We are now having a happy Monday, various Maths & English type stuff went on this morning, and A has spent the afternoon creating fairy personas, inspired by Fae magazine, which I bought for her recently. I have lots of beautiful photos, but she has asked me not to blog them. Fairy-nuff.

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Hannah said...

Yum! That all looks delish