Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Last visit

to our old home!
We have been meaning to go and collect our bikes from the old flat for several weeks, and finally got round to it today. It felt very strange going back up there, there are no new tenants yet so its still empty, and for some reason I really wanted to go in and have a final look. Nobody was around though, so we just peered through the window.

Took some pictures of the fabulous 'greeness' of the area -

This is what I miss - the trees!!! But to be honest its about the only thing I do miss, and we can visit the trees anytime.


lotusbirther said...

ahh, so lush! And your workshop photos are great too, makes me want to move to the coast too to take part in that kind of activity. :)

K said...

Thanks! We do love the beach - even in the cold and wet :0)