Saturday, 16 May 2009

Seashore workshop

Yesterday we went to a 2-and-a-half hour workshop, part of the Wildlife_Counts project, where we looked at the flora and fauna of our local beach. We started with a collection of any creatures we could find in the rockpools, which we then had a closer look at and discussion on with our Ranger leader. We then moved on to look at the seaweed, and were shown how data is collected using ecological sampling. Each group took an area of 10 metres, and marked quadrats at 2, 5 and 8 metres. For each quadrat we described, in estimated percentages, the different types of seaweed present. Our group (A, me, and a very nice woman) didn't really know any of the proper names for the seaweeds, so our names were made-up, but beautifully descriptive: green hair-like; brown flat; pale crinkly; dark crisp.

It was all very interesting and enjoyable, if a bit cold and breezy! We were a group of 8, which was a nice number, and the Ranger was brilliant. A was great, and seemed to get a lot from it. She seems to fit in so well with a group of adults like that, especially when she is treated the same as everyone else and isn't talked down to. A couple of the others asked why she wasn't in school, and seemed genuinely interested in HE.

A periwinkle making trails in the sand

We managed to find one little crab

Barnacles and limpets on a rock

Seaweed and rocks on our beautiful beach

We have a couple more workshops booked: birds and bats, and fresh water. Looking forward to those!

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