Sunday, 25 September 2011

Pink Drink

I finally got round to starting my blackcurrant vodka - pretty eh? I just need to remember to shake it every day. It will be a little Christmas treat, eventually :-)

There have been sleepovers here the last two weekends - two of A's mates from school stayed last weekend and a different one this weekend. There was also an ice-skating disco on Friday. So the social whirl that is A's life continues. I wont pretend I can keep up with it all. She's off out again today, but she was very good about fitting in her homework once her friend left yesterday :-)

So where are we with my exercise regime??? I have to admit that for the last couple of weeks I have been utterly slothful. Also, fairly gluttonous. And probably guilty of all the other deadly sins somewhere along the way.
I really don't know where my motivation has gone. I know that I felt better when I was exercising, and I enjoyed it, but somehow all I want to do at the moment is lie around eating crisps. And the longer this goes on the harder it is to start again. It would be so much easier if I could afford a big scary personal trainer to come round and shout at me every morning. But I cant, so I'll have to find another way of getting back on track.

I had a meeting with my new manager on Friday, along with another new starter (this is good - I will know someone at the induction on Tuesday!). All seems very positive, and I'm cautiously looking forward to starting work next Wednesday. Actually, I'm feeling really excited about it, as well as slightly terrified. Meeting new workmates is always scary (I'm assuming thats not just me?) but I'll be spending a fair amount of time out and about on my own - once I've done enough training - so not too much time trapped with colleagues! The fact that its a mainly male work environment makes it easier too, not sure why that should be? I suppose I have this notion that blokes don't expect you to share quite as much about yourself as women do, I may be wrong.
Anyway, I will post again once I've started and tell all!!


Home Edutainer said...

I remember going to ice-skating discos back in the day! Oh, the memories of Streatham Ice Rink!

Good luck for tomorrow, K - look forward to hearing all about it.

Home made blackcurrant vodka - I'm all for little treats to oneself! And christmas is the perfect time for it :o)


The Knickernator said...

Hi Kara!
I'm sure it will go well, and men are definately easier to work with, far less talking and questions! Eleanor is off to school after the October holidays, much earlier than intended but she really wants to go, and knows some girls there already. Also, A's positive experiences have definitely inspired her. xxx

Jennifer said...

Good luck! Hope your new folks are nice!

K said...

Hello all - thanks for the good luck wishes! First day went ok, lots to learn and remember but I suppose it will sink in :-)

L - Exciting time for Eleanor then!! I hope she has as good an experience as A, I will tell A she has been an inspiration!! xx