Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Thank-you letters

I had reminded A several times yesterday that thank-you notes needed to be written quite soon for all the lovely Christmas presents she'd got, and she eventually took some up with her to write when she went to bed.
When I went in to switch her light off before I went to bed I had a look, and thought I was going to wake her up with my laughter!
She's letting me put a couple here:

Dear _ and _,
Thank-you very much for the green crafts book, paint by numbers, socks and the vouchers. They will all be really fun, complicated, warm and spent!

To _
Thank-you very much for the ten pounds which I'm saving up for something good, and the beautiful top I'm wearing so much its a little bit smelly!

Love that girl :0)


me said...

lol :D brilliant!
Mandy x

Lisa G said...

Lol, they're wonderful!

Hannah said...

Haha! Fantastic! Love the messy room one too :o)