Friday, 22 January 2010

Blog break

I have been thinking about this for the last week or so, and have decided its time for a break from educational escapades.

A few reasons for this - firstly, now I am working part time I seem to have so little time to sit and ponder at the computer, which is a real shame, but thats the way it has to be just now. I have this constant feeling that I'm not doing enough 'work', and there is always stuff to do.
Secondly, a lot of the time I'm struggling to find something to say. Not sure why this is - maybe because I'm using my writing skills in other areas and am exhausting them, or maybe its to do with how I'm approaching it, and related to my first reason - ie I'm rushing and its become a bit of a chore.
Thirdly, part of the reason I started the blog was to keep an overview on what we are doing and achieving, and 18 months in I'm a lot more relaxed about this aspect. I know we are doing 'enough' and I'm much more confident about the education A is getting.

I could go into lots of other reasons that have gone through my head, but I fear it would get quite boring.

Anyway, I'm hoping this wont be permanent - if I get my act together and improve on my time management I may get back into posting regularly, and I may post now and again little bits and pieces, but for now I wont be around much.

Thankyou to the followers and regular readers and commenters, its been great to have some feedback on what we're doing, I really appreciate it. I'll still be popping in to other blogs when I can because I love the HE blogging community, its been so helpful and supportive to me. Its so important when you're seemingly surrounded by people who think you're insane for HEing, to find people out there who understand and are also making it work for their kids.

So, bye for now!! X


Home Edutainer said...

Well that was unexpected, but I totally relate to & understand where youre coming from. I wish you & A all the best with your adventures.

Dont become a stranger though Kara, as its been a real pleasure reading your blog. And of course feel free to drop by my Facebook page anytime even just to say hi when you have the time.

Big hugs xx

Lynn said...

I wish you all the best! I will miss hearing about your days too.

Have to say I am in a similar frame of mind regarding blogging at the mo.

Take care both of you xx

Lisa G said...

Awwwww, will miss you but completely understand, am feeling a bit blah about the blog as well at the mo!

Hannah said...

Take all the time you need Kara, blogging should never be a chore - we'll all be here, eager to read your adventures or whatever you want to share when you're ready.
Continuing to wish you good luck with the self employment stuff x

K said...

Thankyou all - such lovely comments :0)
I wont disappear completely, promise!

Jax said...

still catching up after a week away and only just seen this. Hope you won't be a stranger and we'll still be here when you have time.

Lucy said...

aww :( do understand - everyone needs a good blog break sometimes :)