Thursday, 7 January 2010

A slice of our day

I'm sitting at the computer, having a look at the badscience website (well worth a look), its about 11.50am.
A has been in her room all morning, took just an apple in there about 2 and a half hours ago for breakfast, informing me she was tidying her room.
She comes downstairs and picks up the stepladder.

Me: Are you going to have a bath now? Its just that we need to get out to the shops at some point, I thought we could go soon...

A looks around distractedly for a minute, then gives a big sigh

A: You know that artist, who locked himself away in a room?

Me: No, who's that then?

A: You know, the one who locked himself in a room so that he could create his masterpiece without interruption

Me: Oh, are you doing some artwork now? I thought you were tidying your room.

A: Well I was, but I finished and now I'm messing it up again

Me: By doing some art?

A: Yes

And off she went with the stepladder.