Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Happy Birthday A!!!

Today, A is 11.

She's having a few 'birthdays' this year - today with me; Sunday with her friends; next week with Granny (who is away just now); and at the end of the month with Nonna and Nonno when she goes to stay with them. Lucky girl :0)

We had fun today, a leisurely morning, out for lunch, a visit to see some friends, then it was back to drama class for A - something she had really been looking forward to. She's a happy girl and says its been the best birthday so far in her life.

11 seems like such a milestone to me, maybe because of how things changed for me when I was 11. I changed, grew up, an awful lot the year I was 11. I expect it had a lot to do with going up to secondary school, but I remember it being quite a drastic change. I discovered all sorts of new things when I was 11: the clash; smoking; boys; black eyeliner. My relationship with my parents also transformed, not in a good way. I can remember feeling a real shift away from them, and there was a lot of antagonism and resentment during the following few years. I'm pretty sure I wasn't a very nice person to be around.
I suppose this is why I have feelings of trepidation around A turning 11. Even though I know A is not me, and our relationship is very different to mine with my parents, I know that she will over the next few years move away from me and into her own world. Its not really the moving away that worries me, more the possibility of her shutting off from me and losing our connection.

I know I should stop looking for potential problems, always been my way - imagine the worst then at least you wont be disappointed!

I am very proud of A, of who she is and who she is becoming.

Some of A's presents


Lisa G said...

Happy birthday A, those look like some great pressies!

Home Edutainer said...

What a lucky girl for having a few 'birthdays' this year! Happy belated Birthday A from myself & Lillie :)

Hannah said...

Happy belated birthday to A x