Friday, 20 March 2009

Springtime sunshine

We have had a lovely couple of days. Spent all yesterday afternoon out in the garden enjoying the sunshine, playing badminton, football, and bouncing on the trampoline. Then in the evening we went to our final Astronomy class, and found out the Highlands_Astronomical_Society are having a week-long festival, where the local observatory at Culloden is open to the public every evening. Will definately be making a trip up there.

This morning we spent some more time in the garden, although I was feeling a bit stiff after yesterdays exertion! Then the very lovely man turned up to have a look round and try to decide what size of trailer he would need to borrow to move my stuff. He didn't stay long though :0(
My friend and her two girls came to join us for lunch, then we lazed around in the garden all afternoon while the children bounced. Perfect.

Some great home ed moments the other day - A decided she wanted to do a 'presentation', so she did some research, designed a leaflet for her audience (me), and gave a ten minute presentation on 'casual fashions'. I know I'm biased, but she was very good. She enjoyed this so much that she decided to do another, then another, then another, then we had to stop for lunch. So I learnt all about 'standing out' (another fashion one); 'make up'; and 'hair care'. It's moments like this when I can see that home ed is really working for her, she gets so enthusiastic and her intelligence and individuality just shines.

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