Saturday, 14 March 2009

Science, and a nice man

We had a brilliant time at the science_festival at Moray College on Tuesday, with the home ed group. Had four sessions covering aspects of biology, chemistry, physics and natural sciences. It was all quite fast paced - going from one session to the next, but very interesting and enjoyable, and seemed to keep all the children engaged (ages ranged from about 6 to about 14).

Preparations for the move are going well, although I do need to get hold of more boxes. I have had an offer of help with the actual move from a very lovely man, who is going to organise a trailer and do the driving and help with the lifting of large items, ie all the things I was feeling a bit panicky about!

We have our final Astronomy class next week, something we have both loved, and learnt a lot from. I was gutted to hear that the Adult Education budget has been cut and a lot of the staff have been given redundancy notice. Its a real shame, as there were some great classes coming up and the staff were so enthusiastic and helpful :-(

Not much else to write about just now, there's loads going on, but cant get my head together at the moment as its all so hectic. One thing I have decided is that I am going to be more organised once we've moved - generally, but specifically with home ed stuff. I know we're doing lots and A is learning, but I never quite feel that I've got a handle on it all, and I think it would be helpful for both of us to be more organised and do a bit more planning. We'd never be totally structured, we just dont work like that, but I don't feel quite comfortable with it being totally autonomous either. Maybe thats my failing, but I have to go with my instinct and that is telling me we need a little more method in our madness.


Grit said...

that science sounds fantastic. and there must be something in the air with that autonomous/structured thing!

Dawny said...

Nice house and nice man - it's sounding very good for you, how lovely , good luck xx

Hannah said...

Ooh a lovely man - I wish they grew those in my area!