Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Look at the ice -

isn't it pretty ?

isn't it lovely?

Yes. But not when you are driving your Mum's car and hit a patch of black ice sending the car spinning like a waltzer to bounce off one kerb and end up at an angle of 45 degrees up a bank on the opposite side. That was our unwanted excitement on Sunday afternoon. The car is now a write off, and I am feeling very guilty about the whole thing, even though I wasn't driving fast or recklessly. But, as eveyone keeps saying - neither A or me was hurt, and there were no other cars involved, and that is the important thing. I just feel bad about all the hassle this is causing my Mum :-(
We did manage to get some sledging in with some friends on Friday (see below), and had a lovely night with some other friends on Saturday.

I sat and did my response to the government_consultation on home education yesterday. I had been putting it off because it seems so daunting and there's so much I wanted to say, but I finally got round to setting a couple of hours aside to really focus on it, and felt quite pleased with what I got down. I used Carlotta's draft_response a lot for reference (she is so on the case), but managed to get what I wanted down quite clearly and concisely (I hope).
A received her first copy of National_Geographic_Kids magazine, which my brother and his family subscribed to for her as a birthday present. Very impressive!
She has also been glued to another of her birthday gifts (from some friends) - Benjamin Zephaniah's Wicked_World. A had come across a couple of his poems in another book - an anthology of poems she has - and really liked them. She now reads his book every night and usually falls asleep holding on to it. I'm definately going to have to get some more of his books for her.
We did watch that new programme on Channel 4: Boys_and_Girls_Alone, the sort of programme about which my Mum would say "for goodness sake K, how can you watch this shit?". It is horribly fascinating, although I'm not comfortable at all about the ethics of making a programme like this with children, and cant understand why any parent would allow their child to participate, but it was certainly a good basis for discussions with A.
Before I finish I would just like to urge everyone to look at Debs' new site: Scarves_For_Survivors, a brilliant idea and a very worthy cause.


Lynn said...

So glad you are both ok after the really shakes you up though doesn't it?

Emily saw an advert for the kids alone programme and has watched both episodes.Like you we have had lots of interesting conversations and I love to hear how she would deal with situations and what she would say:-)

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the plug, and beautiful ice pictures, and really sorry about your mum's car :( Hope you're all okay. xx

Carlotta said...

I missed that programme. The almost universal reaction at our local group from others who had seen it was that whatever did happen really, really wouldn't have happened with our lot, but then I guess we wouldn't put them in that situation, if we could possibly help it, so I guess we'll never know!

Home Edutainer said...

Glad to hear you are both ok...

I didnt watch the kids alone programme - there was a similar type programme on a few years ago & I managed to only watch 10 mins of that! I guess nine of those mins I was hiding behind my hands too scared to watch! So gave up in the end...

Ive added a link to Scarves For Survivors on my blog as well as become a follower myself - I will take a good look at the site tomorrow ... x x