Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Crochet, cooking and cakes

I have been spending a lot of time recently making these lovely objects, for a project we are doing on A_Crafty_Blog. It took me a while, but I got there in the end!

A has shown a renewed interest in cooking, and cooked me this (sorry - a bit blurry) the other night. Its stirfried carrot and mushroom with Linda MacCartney sausages, and mashed potato. It was lovely! She has decided that she wants one day a week to be her cooking day. I reckon thats fine, so long as she learns how to wash up too - not always so good at remembering to do that.

This is part of our trek into town, which we do most days. We've been thinking about what we will miss when we move, in a way I will miss this walk, we have some interesting discussions and games along the way, but I wont miss it in the rain!

We looked at two flats on Monday, but neither had a big enough garden for the trampoline. A is saying 'lets just get rid of it', but come summer I think she would miss it. I would. So we'll keep looking...

We made these lovely lemon cupcakes today, I don't think they will last long! A has had a couple of friends round, so a few have gone already.

Lots of 'learning' has been going on, as always. Since the American election A has become interested in the black civil rights movement. She heard the quote about Rosa Parks, which led to discussions about what Rosa did and who Martin Luther King Jr was. I also found an old book of mine called the 'Piccolo Book of Heroines', which included a chapter on Angela Davis, so that brought in the Black Panthers, and fitted in well.

We have started our Italian course, I think its going to be a slow process, but we are having fun with that.

We are going to miss Neil Oliver and his History_of_Scotland on Saturday nights, really enjoyed these programmes. We did watch Charles_Darwin_and_the_Tree_of_Life with David Attenborough on Sunday, and enjoyed that very much too. It introduced some important concepts to A in a very accessible way. The following day I caught her singing 'All Things Bright and Beautiful', weird, I thought (we're not really a hymn-singing sort of family); then I heard her finish with '..and Darwin discovered them all' :-)
I'm going to let A watch Pollock tonight. I got it out myself to watch, assuming it wouldn't be suitable for A as its rated certificate 18, but having watched it I cant understand at all why it was given that rating, I've seen films rated 15 that are much more explicit. If anything I think she might find some of it a bit boring, but I know she'll love the scenes that show him working on his paintings. She really does love Pollock's work.


Anonymous said...

Those granny squares are lovely and the cakes look really scrummy! :) xx

Dawny said...

ooh K your granny squares are lovely , they're great :-) the lilac one is my fave :)

K said...

We finished the cakes last night - I think we may have to make another batch quite soon :-)
The lilac one has your name on it Dawny ;-)
I'm getting more adventurous with the squares now and trying some different patterns, I'll post some more pics soon x

Anonymous said...

Love the squares and cakes.

I'm happy to post a heart to you or put one in with the granny squares which ever you prefer.

A. xx

K said...

Hi Hippy Mama,
just put the heart in with the square, thats probably easiest. Thankyou so much!! X

Elizabeth said...

Those granny squares are great--I made a blanket for Hazels' dolls. Should really do one for her now.

I enjoyed the History of Scotland as well. Most of it would have my two running in fear-so they'll have to wait a few years to enjoy it.

K said...

Hi Elizabeth, that programme was pretty gruesome in parts!! Things like that don't seem to bother A at all, but she's terrified by physical things like rollercoasters and water slides. x