Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A foodie post

A vegan version of millionaire's shortbread, heaven. We had a lot of fun making these, I'd never made caramel/toffee before, and was convinced I would ruin my pan, but it was all fine. Will definately be making these again!!

And just to prove we do eat proper food sometimes, and not just cakes all the time - a lovely meal I made of roasted carrots and parsnips, roasted cheesey leeks (I used tofutti 'mozzarella style' soya cheese), and a tahini & tomato sauce. As A kindly pointed out, the sauce does look a bit like sick, but it is delicious.

Lots of other stuff going on. We started our 6 week astronomy class last Thursday, think we are going to really enjoy that. We've been looking at a few things online, including this, which is free to download and great fun. Also got some books out of the big library in Elgin with my home educator's card (I get to keep them for 3 months!). While we were in Elgin for the day on Monday we went to the Moray_College Fine Arts BA 3rd year's exhibition, some interesting stuff there. We also went swimming, which was a big mistake as it was half term so the place was packed. I suppose we're spoilt - when we usually go in term time its often practically empty.
On Saturday we attended a 'laughter clinic' workshop - hmmm... It was ok, the lady running it was lovely, but it didn't seem to flow, or come together (cant think of how else to describe it). I'm glad I went, as I find these sort of group workshops really hard and intimidating, so at least I feel I've achieved something in going at all. I don't think A got a great deal from it, but it was an experience!! Maybe I'm just too much of a miserable git to have got anything from it!?!
Other than that we are REALLY missing my Mum's car, doing a lot more bussing and walking (I walked about 3 miles to get to my pilates class last night). The sooner we find somewhere in the town to move to the better!


Hannah said...

The shortbread looks delish!
I tagged you on my blog - hope you don't mind :o)

Deb said...

And now you've put me in the mood for millionaire's shortbread. Shall have to find a recipe and make some. Maybe I can get George to do it for me...

Dawny said...

Hey thanks for that stars link, it's cool.
How do you find the vegan thing, I love the idea of it but never get very far before i miss meat.

K said...

Thanks Hannah :-)

Hope you got a shortbread fix Debs!

Hi Dawny, I'm quite a new vegan (just over a year), but was veggie before that for a while, and was never that keen on meat. I thought I would miss cheese more than anything, but actually it doesn't bother me now. I certainly feel healthier on a vegan diet, although I still stuff my face with chips on occasion (and cakes, obviously), so probably am not that much healthier!! x