Saturday, 31 January 2009

Lovely books!

My books arrived! For my birthday my Mum gave me her card and told me to order a few books I was after from Amazon (sadly she did give me a limit). So, being a new (and extremely enthusiastic) convert to knitting I got Stitch_'n_bitch_nation, The_Knitter's_Bible, Anticraft, and Domiknitrix. I bought Happy_Hooker with a voucher my brother and his partner gave me, to aid me in my struggles with learning to crochet. That lot should keep me busy for a while :-)

We had a fantastic day yesterday, decided to have a day out in Inverness as we both had vouchers and birthday money burning a hole in our pockets. First we met up with Granny for lunch, she was through for a tutorial for her Scottish history course at the college. Then me and A spent a good couple of hours at Inverness_Museum_&_Art_Gallery, very enjoyable. For me it is the perfect size - we managed to get around everything, but by then were ready to go.
We then went off and got some shopping, we both got a nice top for ourselves. I managed to find yet another book: Italian_in_10_minutes_a_day, so we will be getting stuck into that from next week. And A bought another fashion sticker book (she's very keen on these).

Tonight we are having a girlie night in together, which will involve: chocolate; coke (for A); cider (for me); a DVD; more chocolate; pyjamas; blankets; cuddles; a bit more chocolate; lots of laughter :-))


Jax said...

like the look of that anticraft book, is it good? Hope you had a lovely birthday :)

Lynn said...

A cuddly night in sounds just grand,enjoy!! xx

Anonymous said...

Ooh I'm really jealous - those books look fab! :)

K said...

Yes Lynn, it was a lovely cuddly night!

The books are great - Anticraft & Domiknitrix are on a similar theme, and are good fun (if you have a black sense of humour like me). They've got some very interesting patterns, a bit beyond my capabilities a the moment, but something to aspire to!


Home Edutainer said...

Sorry Kara for the belated birthday wishes! I see youre a fellow aquarian :o) x x

Claire said...

We have couple of those books and they are well thumbed :-)

Heart bookmark will be winging it's way to you very shortly.


K said...

Thanks HE :-)

& hooray for the bookmark Claire x

Elizabeth said...

The titles for craft books are getting funnier and funnier!

Enjoy the books and a happy be-lated birthday!