Saturday, 10 January 2009

History, birthdays, and possibility of a move

I think my blogging is slowing down, but I am trying to spend a little less time on the computer as it felt like it was taking over. I'm happier if we have days when the computer isn't on at all, because once its on we both tend to drift back to it throughout the day. A isn't too bothered, she enjoys playing and investigating stuff online, but generally doesn't think about it unless the machine is on.

A really got into The_Diary_of_Anne_Frank which was on BBC1 all last week. After the final one last night we switched over to BBC4 and watched Anne_Frank_Remembered, a brilliant 2 hour documentary. I didn't think A would want to watch the whole thing, and warned her that there would be very upsetting images and descriptions about the concentration camps, but she was engrossed.
We also enjoyed A_History_of_Scotland, which last week focused on AD 84 - 943. Tonights looks at events in the thirteenth century. It seems to be covering a lot of what I read in James Hunter's The_Last_of_the_Free, a wonderful book, very readable for a 'history' book. It really blows away all the romantic patriotic nonsense you sometimes hear up here (I'm half Scottish and half English - quite an uncomfortable legacy at times!)

Its A's 10th birthday next week!! Plans have changed from a swimming party and sleepover, to lunch at a local restaurant and a few hours back at ours for cake and 'play' (seems like the wrong term for these very grown up 10/11 year olds, but I cant think of what else to call it!). There will just be five of them, so a nice little group.
I'm quite pleased about the way its turned out, its a shame she didn't get her swim, but problems with pools in the area (closed because of burst pipes, weird opening times) made it difficult to organise. The sleepover is something I wasn't particularly looking forward to anyway, but A has been having bedtime problems for the last week or so, so decided herself it wasn't a good idea. She's in with me at night at the moment, which is ok but not ideal as I need SPACE. Not sure where this all came from, she just gets very anxious and frustrated about not being able to get to sleep, and it turns into a cycle of getting upset about not getting to sleep and not getting to sleep cos she's so upset. I'm just playing it by ear and trying to give her what she needs just now. We are giving her room a big clear out and make over, and I'm hoping that might help. We shall see...

We have been discussing the idea of moving which I mentioned in my last posting, and A - initially very against the idea - is now listing what she wants in our new place! Anyway, its definately on the cards now. We will start looking at places soon I think, but will be very discriminating! I'm not moving until I'm really convinced that the new place will be better. We've been here for over six years, and the thought of all the upheaval of packing everything in boxes and physically moving fills me with dread, but as my friend said 'you just fix the date, hire a van and call a few friends to help' - simple as that !?! But I know what she's saying, it is doable, I'm lucky enough to have friends who will help. Its all about perspective.


Jax said...

Your A is a year older than my Big then - we recorded Anne Frank but decided against it for her just yet as we didn't think she'd have the context for it, and if she did have the context, it could make her very unhappy. I'm considering When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit instead, as I think that might be an easier way in. Although she has watched Sound of Music many times as well.

We will be moving at least once this year and I'm dreading it. We haven't unpacked everything from the move before last, over 8 years ago, and we certainly haven't unpacked everything from moving here a year ago. Still, that should be an indication of what things we really need. Apart from books, which have mainly stayed packed and are definitely necessities :)

K said...

I wasn't sure how A would cope with the subject - the reality of it is just so horrific. I think Anne Frank's strength of character and optimism, which comes through in the diary, is what makes it more accessible for children, and the fact they can identify with her of course.
Its a difficult thing to judge though - several people I know were shocked that I let A watch it. I was really concerned about her watching the documentary as I knew it would have a lot of details about the camps, but she was very definate about wanting to know more, and it doesn't seem to have affected her in a bad way.

Good luck with your moves - it just seems like such a huge undertaking to me, I suppose I should start getting organised now!!

Dawny said...

Lana has been so interested and fascinated by Anne Frank since she read/researched about her when she was ten. I think it was the first time she realised that people can be so cruel.
How brave moving house - I'd love to but ours is so NOT ready for selling. . . . good luck with it :)