Sunday, 4 January 2009

Frosted beauty & New Year

Managed to get some nice photos of the severe frost we had last week. It was very, very beautiful, but not much fun living in an old, poorly insulated building! I've been very careful about not having the heating on much because of the cost, so we've relied much more on the wood burner in the living room. But when I went out to make the dinner the other night - away from the fire which we'd been huddled round - within minutes my fingers were numb with the cold. Mind you, the temperature did drop to -14 degrees at one point!
It has made me think about moving, but I'm not sure really. I do love living in such a secluded beautiful place, with a nice helpful landlord; but a modern, well insulated flat would be much more cost efficient. There is also the fact that we no longer have a car, so it would make sense to be living in the town. I'm going to start looking around for a new place, but am still not sure...

This is a (rather blurry - yes I had started the wine) picture of where we spent new year - in bed under two duvets!! We both toasted the new year with bubbly (A's was sprite) and wrote out a few 'aspirations' (resolutions are too rigid for me).

Sort of getting back to normal now (whatever that is). We need to write our thankyou letters today, then A has a friend over for the night tomorrow. After that the schools are back so A's friends wont be so available, so we'll settle back into our vague HE routine. A couple of home ed group activities coming up, which will be good.
And also - A's 10th birthday in a week and a bit!!!! I'd better start getting organised!!


Lynn said...

Lovely pics.Sounds like a lovely cuddly start to the new year:-)
Emily and I were in bed by 10 on new years eve both still a bit groggy from the bug and never managed to see in the new year!!xx

K said...

Hope you are both feeling better now!! x