Thursday, 18 August 2011


So here is the 'child in school uniform' photo, along with her very cool Boosh school bag. I couldn't persuade her to stand to attention, so lounging on the couch will have to do.

And we now have a drawer marked 'school stuff'
how bizarre.

A seems to have taken to school extremely well, and is clearly enjoying the social side of it! I suppose its a bit early to say too much, but it really feels right for her. I've had a few pangs of sadness here at home thinking about the sort of things we'd be doing if we were still HEing, but mostly I've just felt happy at her obvious happiness. I'm so glad she was able to make that decision so clearly and confidently.

A's week in Edinburgh at the drama course was a fantastic success, she got so much out of it. The end of week performance for parents was just incredible, I was seriously impressed (and I've seen a fair few performances over the years with A's love of drama), and very very proud :-)

She was totally exhausted afterwards, as their working days had been 9am to 9pm, but she soon recovered and is adamant she's going back next year. I've told her we'll need to start saving now!

I had some good news yesterday - I have an interview next week for the postwoman job. Thats my cue to go into panic mode of course, but its good to know that there's at least a possibility of work ahead.

I went out for a little run yesterday. Yay! First time in weeks. I just took things very gently, didn't time myself, didn't even make a decision on how far I'd go. I went with the attitude 'I'll see how it goes'. It actually went very well, not in terms of speed and distance, but I felt pretty good, shins feel ok - double yay!! I'd better not get too excited, we'll see how it goes next time...


Deb said...

It's so nice (and unusual) to see a girl in a school uniform with such a relaxed, easy smile on her face! It makes all the difference that it's her decision. And really good luck for your interview, I'll keep everything crossed for you xxx

The Knickernator said...

I can see you as a postwoman, sounds ideal! Good luck gal! :) xxx

affectionforfitness said...

Hi K! My teenage daughter started school at her new high school this week! Your daughter will probably have the love/hate relationship with school that my daughter has soon enough. Still homeschooling our son.

Good luck with your job interview!

:-) Marion

K said...

Thanks for the good luck wishes you lot :-) I'm starting to feel nervous now, will let you know how it goes!