Saturday, 12 June 2010

We are back

Feels like we've been away for months. Had a busy time, mostly fun, visiting and staying with various people down south. Struggles with certain elements, for both of us (yes, I'm being deliberately vague here) but hopefully we'll learn from it. All in all a good holiday with lots of happy times and good people.

Started off in London with my oldest friend - M, (she's not old - I've just known her a long time!), a lovely, lovely person, who put us up for a weekend. Its always easy with M, we don't actually keep in touch very much, occasionally email, but whenever we meet up we seem to slot back into that old friendship as if we'd just seen each other last week. Very much on the same wavelength.
On the Sunday the three of us went into town, firstly to the V&A, then to see 'Stomp' in the West end. Really enjoyed it. I wasn't sure how they would make a show out of what is basically a load of grubby looking men banging stuff (which incidentally is one of my favourite fantasies) but it was very slick and clever, and also very funny.

I haven't got too many photos this time, but here are a few from the V&A :

Some squashed trumpets etc hanging from the ceiling

A strange glass sculpture

This is my favourite - its title is "Guts"

Glass lollipops

Some vases


Sarah in deepest, darkest Lomellina said...

Guts is georgous !!!

Lynn said...

Hmmm? Not sure about guts!!Love the vases and the glass sculpture though:-) xx

K said...

I was immediately drawn to 'Guts', and think it is rather beautiful. Not sure what that says about me (and you sarah), and not sure I want to know. XX

Sarah in deepest, darkest Lomellina said...

Us liking it says we are proundly clever people who are so deeply cultured and insightful that we recognise both the inner torment that sparked the peice and the incredible technique in its construction.

Or it means we look at stuff and go..

"pretty ! shiny ! frondy! green !"

Take you pick LOL.

K said...

I'll go for the first option ;0)