Sunday, 29 November 2009

Crafty TV day

This is what we're having today - in front of the box, working on this years Christmas project (see below). We have about 22 of these to make and send off with cards (we've made the cards already - we usually do that in January!). So far we've made 8, but not all of those have the sequins sewn on yet, so today we really need to crack on.

A's concert went very well last week, and she really enjoyed performing. There are another couple of carol singing gigs coming up with the choir, so she's all excited about that. One of them is at her old school's Christmas Market, and the other is at the big shopping centre in Inverness.
We have also discovered that there is a local children's creative writing group, so A is going to go along on Monday and see how she gets on. She knows a couple of the girls who go, so that makes it easier I think.

I have been getting a lot of headaches over the last year or two, and just recently had a couple of attacks of a weird visual disturbance - a kind of curved, shimmery blind-spot. This lasts for about 20 minutes and leaves me with a headache and feeling sick and woozy. After a trip to the doctor I have discovered that I suffer from migraines, or 'ocular migraines' to be more precise. In a way it is a relief, as I had myself all worked up about brain tumours etc, but I just hope they don't get worse.
At the moment I take ibuprofen when it gets really bad, and the doctor said there were lots of different stronger painkillers I could try if things got worse, but I hate taking pills, and would like to find a more natural remedy. Am thinking of trying acupuncture. Any other suggestions?


Debs said...

Wow you're so organised with your Christmas stuff! I love the little hearts. We're going to make a start on our cards today I think.

Glad you've had some reassurance with the migraines, and I hope the pain relief works. Sorry I've no suggestions regarding alternatives, although I have heard that acupuncture can help, so that seems a good idea. :) xxx

Hannah said...

The decorations are lovely!
I don't know much about specific types of migraines but I know a lot of people have been successful in finding triggers by keeping a food diary - sometimes it's something really simple that you wouldn't expect like marmite. I hope you find a solution anyway x

K said...

Thankyou both. I'll just have to monitor whats going on, see if I can link the attacks to anything. xx

Debs said...

Someone on Twitter just suggested to someone else who gets migraines that they should get their heating checked. Thought I'd pass it on!

Anonymous said...

Wow! ! Thank you K.
THose were what I was telling my dds about! Wasn't sure how to make them ... but maybe we can work it out. Instructions please?